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The winter chills are slowly subsiding, replacing the gloomy cold days with bright blue skies, and sunny days. It would be a shame to waste these beautiful days staying indoors.

However big or small a yard in
any home, we tend to spend much of our time relaxing in the warm freshness of the spring bliss. It just doesn’t seem fair unless you treat yourself with your daily activities such as eating, entertaining, or lounging outdoors. Now having a nice setting to do these things is an added benefit, and if you have plans of upgrading your space this is the right time to transform your backyard or lawn into a wonder- land escape. Whether you want to lounge poolside, plant an organic garden or host an evening soiree, the world is your oyster.
Here are a few ideas and tips which you can use to jump start your backyard sanctuary creativity and create an everlasting retreat.


Textiles & Accessories


Think going beyond the normal textiles and opt for unique prints / art works in vibrant colors (tangerine, fuchsia) and modern prints like stripes, and eye-popping floral prints (tropical punch) combined with plain mute/neutral colors to accessories any outdoor add-ons such as accessories, cushions, throws, murals etc. Mixing up organic shape and texture is also considered as a popular trend in the high-end and luxury interiors.



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