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Frozen Treats at Milk And Honey

When I was growing up, frozen yogurt was nonexistent but now we can see a few outlets that serve amazing gourmet frozen yogurt. In those days, ice cream was pretty much the only dessert option. But those days are gone! One such new franchise is Milk and Honey which is located at Sherpa Mall, Durbar Marg. We had a talk with Mr. Prashant Gurung, the co-owner, while tasting some of the best flavors they had to offer and I can happily say that Milk and Honey has become my all-time favorite frozen yogurt spot! It has a perfect blend or taste and textures as it’s not overly creamy but more on the tangy + refreshing side, and doesn’t leave you feeling bloated but with a rather happy tummy.

Tell us about Milk and Honey.
Well, first off, Milk and Honey in Kathmandu is the Franchise of Milk and Honey Singapore. We offer a dynamic array of flavors and experiences and it is a soughtafter dessert treat. The demand for these delicacies has been booming for the past few years so we were interested in getting its franchise, mostly driven by strong consumer interest in healthier dessert alternatives and innovative product offerings. The layout and the design that you can see here is exactly the same as the Milk and Honey that you find all around the world. And we make sure to get that exact raw materials, the techniques as the main brand to give people the amazing experience of frozen yogurt. Meal replacement, snack or dessert, frozen yogurt caters to all daily meals.

Who do you consider to be your competition? And how are you setting your mark in the industry?
Well, our main competition is most obviously with ice cream because of the high abundance and it being considered the conventional go-to dessert. It also competes with other dessert places or, local gathering spots such as coffee shops, and even juice or smoothie chains. We also serve various kinds of coffee, muffins, brownies and other baked confectionaries at Milk and Honey. Yes, we have some competition but it is not necessarily a bad thing because we are sticking to what we do and try to better our game and stay put in the values of the brand and what it wants to convey along with all the deliciousness of course.

What can we expect to get at Milk and Honey in regard with the flavors and the toppings?
What you can get are truly vast choices of toppings here; lavender jelly or syrup, real red wine sauce, matcha, macaroons, or any fruit of your choice, and that’s just to name a few. Pretentious names aside, what we want to offer are options beside the conventional fresh fruits and options that could enhance rather than rob the taste. We have limited yoghurt base but our decision in ingredients, and stellar aesthetics is given much attention too.

Where do you think this industry is heading? Do you have any other future plans for Milk and Honey?
In my opinion, frozen yogurt is taking its natural course. It is in the market because there is a demand and that demand needs to be addressed. For now, we don’t have any plans as such because being a franchise we have limited control over the operations but definitely more outlets is a probable plan for the future.

What gives Milk and Honey an edge over other frozen yogurt places?
Quality is playing a big factor moving forward. So, we look towards quality to differentiate ourselves in the market. In addition to that, Milk and Honey is a much known brand and that brand goodwill is a plus point as well. Cutting corners is no longer an option to cut cost. Consumers are intuitive and the moment a slip in quality is detected is the moment they question the brand’s integrity. So, we believe in the product first, followed closely by customer engagement and store operations. Also, consumers like options, and endless topping bars and multiple flavors cater directly to consumers’ needs to eat food the way they want, when they want. Milk and Honey is more than one dimensional and meets the constant demands of its followers, including offering up health, variety and innovation. However, at the end of the day, every food concept, trend, provider and shop are fighting to survive. There are just some that are meant to continue on and we strongly believe it’s here to stay.


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