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If you’ve ever had to hold your breath while having your barber’s armpit comes too close for comfort, you know the importance of properly managing body odor.

Men! We tend to smell, some more than others, and we usually blame it on the sweat. You’re not completely off, but there is more to it. Sweat is actually odorless; it is bacteria that live off perspiration on our body that create the bad smell. Some bacteria on our body feed off your sweat produced in areas like the armpits, groin, hands and feet. Once they consume the sweat, it goes through a process that is common in all living creatures. Long story short, B.O. is the smell of bacteria excrement!

Why do you have body odor?


One of the main reasons you reek may be because you don’t shower enough. When it comes to proper hygiene, washing our clothes is as important as washing your body. Certain fabrics, like cotton, easily absorb bad odors. However, some people simply have an overactive bacterial fauna on the skin which may be causing the odor. Nevertheless, it all does come down to good hygiene.


Sweat is odorless, but it does play a part in supporting the bacteria that cause the stench. Some people sweat a lot, either due to stress, physical activity or a condition known as Hyperhidrosis, which causes excessive sweating.


Eating certain foods can affect how one smells. If a food is poignant enough, its smell can make it all the way through your body and come out from your pores. Garlic, cumin and curry are believed to have such properties (this does not let you stereotype the Indian community as a foul

smelling group in no way whatsoever). Zinc deficiency can cause B.O. because it regulates detoxification in the body; it controls how the body handles waste. Likewise, a sugar imbalance and caffeine intake can alter the amount and type of perspiration.

Cut the B.O.

Now, to take care of that stench, here is what you can do:

Bathe More

It’s simple, make sure you bathe everyday and you will observe a significant decrease in the foul smell… and so will everyone else. While you’re at it, make sure you wash your clothes properly. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if your body is clean; if you wear clothes soaked in B.O., you will smell like B.O.

Wear looser clothing

Tight clothing can make you sweat more. Tight clothes also trap sweat more easily, which can also lead to a smelly situation. Maybe it is time to revamp your wardrobe?

Boric acid

One of the best products for treating body odor, and quite possibly the least known, is Boric Acid. It’s relatively cheap and works great. Simply apply it wherever you want to keep smell away after taking a bath. Boric Acid will slow down the spreading of bacteria. Using too much, however, can irritate the skin.

Watch what you eat

Foods such as garlic and onions are known for causing body odor because of the sulfur compounds found within them. These compounds can permeate through your pores, so it’s best to avoid these foods when possible. Also, cutting down on caffeine reduces B.O. And it’s always a good idea to drink plenty of water, even better if you wash down a multivitamin with it (to supply your body with some zinc and magnesium).


Many deodorants only mask body odor, but some products actually fight bacteria. The most effective deodorants contain aluminum or zinc. Both elements are known to fight odor-causing bacteria.

Antiperspirants, on the other hand, clog sweat glands, so bacteria have nothing to interact with. Antibacterial soaps also help kill off those nasty pests.

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