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Probably the most “sacred” room of the entire crib, the Home Library combines relaxation with personal growth and completes the genuine atmosphere of a residence. Also, for many, a home library is a dream. Likewise, having a dedicated space in your home to squirrel into and read an afternoon away is nothing, but a great luxury.

Bookshelves don’t have to be boring!

Whether your style is modern or traditional, depending on the features of each home, a library can be extended horizontally or vertically. Some of these photos present seamlessly infinite walls, along with some basic interior space management effects – converting it into a stylish home library.


A book already in itself is little more than just a piece of decoration. Here are a few ways to make your bookshelves appear more aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

  • Store these beautifully crafted pieces in a place where they can be seen and admired.
  • You might want to consider a safe area of the house to display your books.
  • Make sure to store your treasured first editions and rare books in the area where temperature and humidity is controlled. They are investments that need to be carefully protected.

So before “Once upon a time!” creeps in: Just imagine the feeling of being surrounded by thousands of books with a beautiful ambience in the comfort of your own home, & make the best use of space to store your priceless collections.

Like anything else when it comes to home decor, you always need to consider visual balance.

  • By varying shelf height and reserving a few shelves for vases, bowls or other decorative, you can avoid an overly-cluttered appearance. Also, grouping the books by size or color helps to make the shelves look less chaotic.
  • Stack your books horizontally at each alternating point instead of only placing them vertically. The results feel weirdly calming and serene. You get bonus points if you can color code the sides.
  • Pay Attention to Scale. Ensuring you have a variation in height, shape and volume will ensure you end up with a bookshelf that packs plenty of interest. To avoid over-doing it, try to stick to one style.
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