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websiteDoesn’t matter if you are academically talented or hold a higher post at work, you make your first impression with your appearance. This is a fast transitioning and swift paced era where one loves to use the word “smart” to describe themselves. And being smart with your appearance isn’t that much of a hard work when you have these tricks and hacks up your sleeve that’ll make you trendy, resourceful, and also quick with your presence.

Pet hair or lint on your clothes?

Use clear packing tape to remove it

You love your pet but you also wouldn’t want to walk around with hair all over your clothes. And cloth-lint collectively ruin your appearance. Wrap a transparent tape around your hand, with the adhesive facing out, rub on the fabric to get rid of anything that stops you from looking your face.

Pack your suit without getting it wrinkled

When you are travelling, fold your suit the regular way, but loosely, and wrap it with tissues to get a wrinkleless-texture when you reach your destination.

Avoid your shirt sleeve from unrolling itself

When your roll your shirt sleeve, flip your cuff and pull it just below your elbow and then start folding the bottom inside out portion. This prevents the sleeve to unroll itself

Keeping your shoes in shape

One super easy way to keep your shoes crease free without using a shoe tree is by stuffing your shoes with balls of newspapers. This helps you to keep your shoes from warping or cracking even if you don’t have a shoe tree.

Cedar wooden balls vs naphthalene balls

Instead of camphor balls, use cedar balls or a cedar lined chest to store clothes. The oils from the cedar balls mothproof the clothes, keeping it fresh and smelling nice as well. But then don’t forget to replace the balls at times.

Buying suitable clothes

When getting yourself garments, sit down to check for tight areas. If the pants are comfortable while sitting, it’s definitely comfortable at all times.

Tying your tie

Morning rush can be avoided if you pre-tie your tie. This hack is extremely useful for those who love taking their time in the morning but also need to dash by every minute of it for work.

On removing stains

Apply rubbing alcohol on places of ink stains on your clothes and wash it off with soap and water. Soap and water are just for rinsing the remaining blemish, the real MVP is always the rubbing alcohol.

Shopping is for later

Your body changes throughout the day with all the eating and hydration therefore, it’s good that you buy your clothes in the later part of the day after your lunch for better fit.

Unshrink your t-shirt

When you throw your t-shirt in the washer, it’s a major disappointment to get it back only to find it shrunken. Put the shirt into a bucket of warm water mixed with few teaspoons of hair conditioner for few minutes. Your t-shirt should go back to its original fit.


Styling with moisturizer

Hair gel gets you that perfectly coiffed hair and assurance that it stays put throughout the day. The drawback is seen in the long run when your hair is stripped of its natural oils making it look dry. Replace your hair gel with pea sized normal body moisturizer and see your hair be frizz free and tamed throughout the day also with less chances of breakage and dry hair.

Waterproof shoes but not the wellingtons

Protect your favourite white sneaks (or any colour sneakers but you know white plimsolls go with any attire) from getting soggy by rubbing paraffin all over the shoe and blow-drying it. Off you go, happy feet!

Tame your collar

Ever put on a shirt and had that collar go haywire? This sticky situation has a sticky solution. Stick a tad bit piece of double sided tape underneath your collar to put it down.

Shave your sweater

You read it right. Noticed the lint on sweater just as you’re heading out? Grab your razor and quickly shear the lint out and you’re done for the day. Lazy but super helpful.

Compiled by : Abhigya Subedi


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