Gymkhana Fight Night – II 2019


Gymkhana Muay Thai Pvt. Ltd organized a Press Meet and Weigh In Program at Mandala Street on December 27th 2019 for Gymkhana Fight Night – II. The mentioned event took place on December 28th 2019 at Lord of the Drinks.

Raul Moktan (Managing Director) of Gymkhana Muay Thai Pvt. Ltd, a Muay Thai athlete himself having competed abroad in various Muay Thai Tournaments, bringing home the Gold in many occasions, said that the event was held for three main reasons:

1) To help combat sports athletes of Nepal to make a carrier with their talent

2) A platform to promote Combat Sports such as Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA and others.

3) An area of entertainment for the people of Nepal.

The second iteration of Gymkhana Fight Night was brought by joint efforts of Nepal Boxing Association and Nepal National MuayThai Association. There were 4 fights each for Boxing and Muay Thai, 8 in total in which the winners were awarded with NRS 50,000 and the runner ups were awarded with NRS 25,000 cash prize.

In the future gymkhana plans to host these events out of Kathmandu Valley and other different cities in the world, add pay per view so that Nepalese viewers outside Nepal may also be entertained and support their favorite fighters (Athletes).

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