In our line of work we get to meet a lot of beautiful women, and we get to chat with them and hangout. Honestly, it’s more than we could ask for and these perks really make coming to the job a lot of fun. This time around, we might just have hit the jackpot with this gorgeous stunner of a lady, Lemii Tamang.

Lemii is the kind of girl who will have you smitten to the point of spilling your drink at the party, or burning your shirt when you’re ironing it, or forgetting all about your date when she passes you by at the restaurant. And it will happen a few of more times before you finally find your composure.

Currently one of the most sought after makeup artists in the country, she has recently opened up her own studio at Bhatkeko Pool, Kathmandu. It also turns out she has a knack for sketching, and she is pretty good at that too. We had plenty of time to find that out because we had been stalking her since god knows when we just couldn’t help it

1.Honestly, how many men hit on you on when you’re going out for the night?

I normally hangout with a selected group of friends, so there haven’t been too many unruly approaches. However, I have had few incidents with a few sleaze balls.

2.And how do you normally respond to them?

I have this “I’m not interested” face that I have perfected which seems to repel most guys.
We’re not sure if that’s even possible but we’ll take your word for it.

3.We understand you have quiet the busy schedule?

I have a lot of things going right now. There’s college and a fine arts, some blogging that I do part time, I am part of an NGO and I’m a makeup artist. I’m always on the run. My classes start early in the morning, then makeup appointments, attend a few meetings (if there are any), hit the gym and work on my blog/ social media sites and college assignments at home.

4.How did you get into makeup? When did you know that a career in beauty was for you?

I was always very passionate about arts. I used to sketch and paint a lot during my teens. Once I reached the age when my mum allowed me to wear makeup, I started experimenting with it. I tried things out on myself and anyone who’d let me try on them. That’s when it started, I think.


5.How did you get your start in the industry?

I wasn’t focused about the industry when I started out. I am an artist at heart and I consider makeup as an expression of art. So I just did what I loved. When I started posting makeup pictures on Instagram, people liked it and I started taking appointments when I was asked. Things started picking up soon enough.

6.You’re very good with sketches. What came first, art or makeup?

Art, of course!

7.If you were to choose between being known as a makeup artist or just an artist what would you choose?

At the moment, makeup artist, but I will soon develop myself as an artist as well.


8.What inspires you most in life?

I try to get inspired by most of the things around me (mostly nature) and I try to put that in my work. One of my biggest inspirations is my mom who inspires me every day, motivates me to work hard and supports me in every way possible.

9.What has been the biggest challenge yet in your career?

Things have just started and so far, I haven’t faced any big challenges and I feel very lucky about it.

10.If a customer asks for a style that you are sure would not suit them, how do you convince the customer to go otherwise?

I suggest a different look for them and my clients trust my advice.

11.Do you think it is justified for men to feel cheated when a woman is not anywhere close to being as beautiful without makeup as she is with it?

You cannot go around wearing a full faced makeup every day, at least I advise people not to do that. As long as you’re keeping your makeup as natural as possible, it won’t look fake and there is no need to feel cheated.


12.Do you think the men of Kathmandu will be more metrosexual in the coming days, which might lead to opportunities involving makeup experiments on men? (Personally, we’re hoping the day never comes.)

I hope so, that would be very interesting.

13.Where would we take you on a date if we really wanted to impress you?

Somewhere far away amidst a natural setting, with quiet serenity and a beautiful view.

If you want to find out more about Lemii, you can follow her on her Instagram page or her like her Facebook Page “Lemii’s Makeup Studio”.

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