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Working for a magazine has its perks; we get to talk to amazing people and get to know them, we get to try delicious food, and have some amazing experiences. Luckily for us, we were fortunate enough to experience all of these perks at the same place. That place is none other than Hotel Mystic Mountain.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Mystic Mountain is one of the best hotels that we have been to. Amazing architecture, comfortable rooms, accommodating staff, and a top notch entre for breakfast, lunch, and dinner: all the elements to make a guest not want to leave. An experience that is worth cherishing is guaranteed when everything is so well executed. We would definitely recommend you the marvel of Hotel Mystic Mountain for a weekend getaway.

homeawayfromhomebutbetter1Mr. Satish Shrestha, Director of Sales and Marketing and an amazing host, explained the whole idea behind this hill paradise to us.

homeawayfromhomebutbetter15How did the idea behind ‘Mystic Mountain’ conceive?

Businessmen are loaded with ideas. Some keep them as ideas while some execute them and make them come to life. Mr. Bal Krishna Dhoju, the Chairman/Owner, falls in the latter category of businessmen, and hence gave birth to Mystic Mountain.

Why Nagarkot, considering that there are other places as well which are slowly coming to the limelight?

It takes a lot of effort to create a destination, not to mention the several decades. And Nagarkot is one of them. It has come to be a destination for get-a-ways for both the domestic and the international market. It is the nearest spot from the city where one can observe inspiring sunrises, romantic sunsets, and a wide panorama of the mountains; all while being surrounded by fresh and unpolluted air. Nagarkot just is perfect to us.

homeawayfromhomebutbetter6Which demographic are you looking to cater to?

Hospitality is a service for anyone and everyone. So we consider all kinds of clients. We do our best to provide to everyone that enters our establishment.

homeawayfromhomebutbetter11What provides Mystic Mountain an absolute advantage as compared with others?

In the case of Mystic Mountain, the build of the hotel is undeniably mesmerizing. It sits at such a vantage point that every view from here is more than capable of taking the breath away. We see this place as a home away from home so we do our best to maintain a relaxed atmosphere; one can unwind themselves in the nature, rejuvenate in the spa, or seek inspiration among our books.

homeawayfromhomebutbetter9One thing that is noticeable about the hotel is its architecture. How did you come up with such a unique design?

The credit for the display goes to a vibrant entrepreneur, Mr. Bal Krishna Dhoju, and a young architect, Mr. Sanjay Shrestha. Both being the products of Budhanilkantha School, came together and worked to produce something that’s different from the rest. After a lot of brain storming and land visits, they finally came with this master piece which has caught both the national and international attention.

homeawayfromhomebutbetter7How has the response from the guests been?

The response has been overwhelming. It has been positive since the day of our inauguration on 28th July 2017. We have to thank the domestic movements playing a key role for this. Residential conferences from embassies, donor agents, INGOs, NGOs, banking sectors and corporate houses have trusted us for being their hosts. Furthermore travel and trekking agents have immensely supported us as well. The response from individual clients has been encouraging as well, and many are returning customers. To keep this up, we aim to be consistent in our services, food, and hygiene. Our driving belief is “customer satisfaction is the mother of all strategies”

homeawayfromhomebutbetter14Where do you think the hospitality sector is headed in the years to come? Is it still based on the principles from the past or does innovation have to be embraced?

Hospitality is a process that never ends; especially in a country like Nepal where we can boast about being the highest dollar earning industry supporting the country’s economy, directly and indirectly supporting many associated with it. We are rich in culture, nature, historical places, geographically diverse, and a million dollar smile on every Nepalese’s face. There may be flaws in our system or politics but a sincere smile puts us back on track. We should learn from our past and always keep pace with the present. Proper planning for the future is sure to be appreciated in this fast paced world. One of the innovations we started out with is Mystic Mountain, and we are sure more will follow. In summary, this sector has always been doing well, but we should strive to do better.

homeawayfromhomebutbetter13What are your plans for going forward? Do you plan to diversify your operations outside Nagarkot as well?

The horizon for the hospitality sector is just so vast that it demands creativity and implementation. The increase in the number of tourists and the emerging trend of the locals dinning out and staying for over nights are definitely a positive signal towards a better future for hotels and restaurant. In this manner, Mystic Mountain will definitely spread its wings, hopefully outside of Nagarkot considering the present blooming market.

homeawayfromhomebutbetter5Words: Shreeya Sangroula| Photos : Gaurav Xhompate Sunuwar| Edit: TNM TEAM



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