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A young duo who pride themselves on producing original house and electronic music; House Mafia Project

In an era where electronic and house music has taken over the entire globe and names like David Guetta, Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia have become household names, two young guys from Nepal are keeping the Nepali scene alive with hopes and dreams that one day Housemafia Project Nepal will be categorized in the same league.

Producing, playing and sharing the love of electronic music in Nepal and India, the duo of 23 year old Sumit Rajbhandari and 22 year old Manish Gurung were studying together when they decided to pursue their love for electronic music. Citing inspirations from different DJ’s including David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren, Swedish House Mafia as well as rap music, these young guns believe that their original production gives them the edge over the rest. So, TNM caught up with them to talk about their story and the current party scene in Nepal.


TNM: Tell us about your current DJ/Production setup? What hardware/Software do you use?

Our current set up is Pioneer Cdj 800 mk II, Behringer VMX 1000 mixer, Denon 4500. For production we use m audio, Fast track Pro, Axiom 49, M – Audio Studio monitor, Sennheiser Headphones. For Software we use Cubase 5 rewired with reason 5.

TNM: So who do you think is throwing the best parties in KTM right now?

With the boom of the event management companies right now, I guess each and every party has its own charm. However, if we had to pick one it would definitely be the pioneers of the party scene; PartyNepal

TNM: Which and how many events have you performed in so far?

We have performed in more than a 100 events. Some of the events we really had fun performing are: Pariwartan Tundikhel, Riverside Grind, TKP Babaal Dasain Carnival and Holi Bash.

TNM: Where did your first performance take place?

The Ice Bar. We still remember we were pretty nervous but when we started playing we just couldn’t stop.

TNM: Which has been the best event that you’ve played at?

Pariwartan Tundikhel tops our all-time favorite list. The crowd was massive. We’d say around 10,000 people attended the event. It was colossal!

While music is our passion, we believe education is an important part of life as well.

TNM: Out of all the tracks in your playlist, which one never fails to get the people pumped?

All the tracks that we have come up with are very dear to us. But, if you really had to make us choose, Namaste Kathmandu would be it. We collaborated with Mingma for the single and it just seems to hit that chord with the crowd every time.

TNM: Your favorite mix set of all time?

It has to be the Grind Set

TNM: How do you see the party scene of Nepal 5 years from now? What can be done to improve the scene?

Before, there weren’t a lot of parties and events taking place but right now, it’s definitely getting better and it is one of the main attractions in Kathmandu. If we are to go at the same rate we are at right now, we’d say Kathmandu will definitely end up being one of the biggest party scenes around. Of course, it might take longer than 5 years but we hope we do get there.

With the existing drinking and driving rules and also shutting down of events by midnight, the party scene has faced quite a setback. But, if we are to improve the public transportation system during the night and if certain zones are dedicated as all night party places, the party scene would improve tremendously. Keeping it real as for right now, we hope that the parties could go on past midnight without any restriction of time so that people can enjoy the moment.

TNM: Share with us the funniest thing that happened during an event?

We should have thought of it that we would be getting this for sure but we didn’t. So it was a real shocker for us when in one of the events people started requesting for a “Dohori.”

TNM: What do you do outside the Djing music scene?

While music is our passion, we believe education is an important part of life as well. So besides Djing we are currently enrolled in BA.

TNM: Anything else you want to say? Any shouts?

Enjoy the Nepali Electronic Dance Music (NEDM). Support your local electronic acts so, that they can do well in the near future. We urge the event management companies to support the local artists along with bringing many famed international artists in the country. Lastly, we would like all the event companies to come together and organize an Electronic Dance Music Festival here in Nepal.

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