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Layer it like a boss for the cold season

The Man: Wisdom Pandey | Photography: Bibhas Maharjan Suwal

If you want to say good bye to layering it up the old way, you have come to the right page. Right now it’s all about leaving buttons undone, shirts untucked and trading coats for hefty cardigans. It’s easy; all you have to do is wear your favourite pieces over your second-and third-favourite pieces then act as if it was all a coincidence. And if you need a guiding hand to get things started, check out the look-book we have complied for you this month!

WinsdomBlackberry Grey Long Coat: Price on Request, Store One, Durbar Marg Half Sweater: Rs 4,199, Store One, Durbar Marg, Blackberry Shirt: Rs 4,399, Store one, Durbar Marg


Winsdom1Checked Shirt : Rs 2,550, New Password. New Road Bishal Bazzar Khaki Jacket Indian Terrain: Rs 6,199 Store One, Durbar Marg


Winsdom2Checked Shirt : Rs 2,550, New Password, New Road Bishal Bazzar, Bubble Jacket: Price on Request, Urban, Bishal Bazzar


Winsdom3Menn’s White Knitted Sweater: Rs 4,799, Store One, Durbar Marg

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