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Layering your look is an essential during the autumn and winter months. However, beyond this functional role, putting some thought into color combinations and textures can add variety and uniqueness to your look, as well as enhancing your color options.

1.Layering Clothes


In winter you’ll often move between hot and cold environments, which is why layering is important. Being able to remove an outer layer of clothes without compromising the style of your outfit is the best thing about layering. However, it’s also one of the hardest things to get right. It means that all of your clothes have got to look great as an ensemble, as well as standalone items.

2.From thin to thick


The first layers should be the thinnest layer. Go from thin to thick: start with a shirt, add a vest and only then the jacket. This seems obvious, but we have seen people messing it up. Why this is important is because, not only it establishes an organic depth of field in the outfit you are creating, but it also helps you keep your body at a proper temperature. A vest and a jacket are better than just a big sweater, they do a better job of keeping your body at the right temperature. Also, if you get too hot, you can take one layer off and still look swell. This ensures that the most lightweight, breathable garments are closest to your skin, and the more durable, heavyweight pieces are protecting you from the elements. And, you can peel away the layers as your body temperature regulates to the indoor heat, after coming in from the cool. Smart, right?

Layering allows colourlovers to work in several different tones and shades (and even statement prints) into one unified look. For the colour-shy, layering means you can hide the bold hues and patterns as under layers, quietening their noise under a neutral and/or block coloured top coat or shirt jacket.

As always, put neutrals between pieces of color, following the rules of color matching. And don’t just go for dark shades. Lighter neutrals are very acceptable, even in winter, and add a freshness to the cooler season.

Concerned about the office commute? Start with the suit. Considering the  two-piece garment will take up most of the bulk of your look, you want one that’s warm and naturally textured, achieved via pure wool or flannel and a subtle check or stripe pattern. A single-breasted navy or grey suit is versatile and business ready, teamed with a cotton twill button up (a thicker shirt fabric weave for warmth). Add a coloured tie in knitted silk and waistcoat (matching or contrast), or a cardigan (or even a denim jacket for something edgy). The middle layer should add in texture without too much extra bulk. Then, layer a tailored overcoat in wool.

Layering Colors When it comes to layering clothes, one of the biggest issues you’re going to encounter is color coordinating. When you’re wearing lots of different items of clothing, the risk of color-clashing becomes a lot larger. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that the colors you’re wearing compliment each other and don’t ruin the look of your outfit.

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