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There seems to be a social stigma against things made in Nepal. We associate it with low quality and just plain out rip-off products. We’d rather spend on something by Benetton or Levi’s than wear a Nepalese brand. And that’s why we’re here to bust this myth. Don’t get us wrong, Benetton and Levi’s are great; but what we want to prove is that Nepalese products can come par with these international levels. Here, we have put together three outfits using nothing but Made in Nepal.



Every man needs to dress up nicely. But for most of us, dressing up in suits is accompanied by annoying comments like “going to a party?”. So it’s best to keep
it casual, yet put together. The shirt is from Karuna Wears and the pants are from Stemp. Both garments are made from cotton and hemp so it’s light, organic, breezy and supports the Nepalese makers. The binding factor here is the coat from Pozak, giving that elegant factor. You may go for a pair of shades from Anthropose.



If classy is not your thing, just casual is more than okay. Yet, you still want to have that badass edge, and you can’t get more badass than with a leather jacket. Latido makes custom leather jackets that’s unique to your body to induce some attitude into your look. Pair it with a hemp shirt from Stemp and you’re sure to turn some heads. Employ
a pair of shades from Anthropose so they don’t catch you looking at them, maintaining your aura of cool.



Life is not always about work. There’s play in it and it’s essential for a man to work hard and play hard. When it’s time to play hard, make sure you look good while doing it. We suggest the shirt and pants from Karuna Wears and a checkered acrylic coat from Pozak. And to tie it all off, rock a fun bow tie from Stemp and get ready to be showered with phone numbers from hot girls and guys who appreciate a well dressed player.

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