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The West comes up with some crazy fads which most of us are usually guilty of following at one time or the other. The shit-in-your-pants baggy pants, the compulsive need to address your acquaintances as “bro” and the ever embarrassing sweatbands at non sport-related functions are some of the few fads that swept our generation by storm. (Check out Pg. 26)

However, this one actually is worth following. The month of November is gaining popularity as No shave November or Movember, where people go through the whole month without partaking in the use of a razor. Men are encouraged to embrace their bushel of awesomeness and grow out their beards throughout the month. It is also advised that they utilize the time they save from the early morning shaves to devise a plan to make it up to the disapproving wives and girlfriends.

Although it may seem like just another mindless fad, No-shave November has a pretty decent motif. The term originated in Melbourne, Australia in 1999 and the Movember Foundation was finally established in 2004 as a way for men to grow out their moustaches throughout November and raise money for men’s health awareness at the same time, more specifically for prostate and testicular cancer.

This may just be the excuse you’ve always wanted for not shaving. And for those of you who wanted to see how you’d look like with a moustache, here’s your chance.

Getting started

You can start off with a clean shave or a little scruff, doesn’t matter, but you cannot shave or trim your beard or moustache throughout the month. Hopefully this goes without saying: no shaving any other body parts either.

Stow away all the razors, never to be seen throughout the month. Glad you don’t have to shave? Well, things might get a little rough when the itchiness sets in. Power through! Don’t take no for an answer.

Sidestepping Criticism

Your 5 o’clock shadow will look cool and you’ll probably get through Tihar without much of a hitch. However, when your beard finally starts kicking in your family members will definitely be on your case. Understand that this is for the greater good and there are some things moms, grand moms, wives and girlfriends just don’t understand. WARNING: No-shave November can easily be turned into a No-sex November by your significant other. DO NOT GIVE IN!

If you start getting grilled for the awesome additional features to your face, let them know why you’re doing it. In the end, it’s all about spreading the awareness.


If you want to go that extra mile, you can help to the cause by donating to the Nepal Cancer Relief Society. We at TNM Magazine will be holding a month long donation drive and if you want to contribute, you can send us a message at our Facebook page ( TNM.Magazine).

November 30th

On the last day of November, take a photograph of the magnificent growth on your face and send it over to us and see yourself in the next issue of TNM. Come the 1st of December, not a second before, you can finally shave off your moustache and beard.


You can also take photographs of yourself everyday and record your beard growth and compile it into a kick-ass time lapse at the end of the month. (An app you can use is PicToFlick)

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