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The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of Nepali art is Paubhas or Thangkas. Though they might be the most legitimate piece of art in the Nepali art industry and definitely throughout the globe, the scenario of such has changed through the course of time and the authenticity of art has diversified. One such facet of Nepali art industry is transculturalism where young artists are evolving themselves into blending the cultures in colour. Onto the young artists trying to raise the zenith of Thangkas in Nepal into the tranquillity of music and art is Roseena Sakya.

Born in the rustic city of colour, Kathmandu, Sakya is not just limited to art but rather falling inside the leap of music and comic. Family background summoned by Thangka painters, it is rummage of her to not fall towards the solitary escape of paintings. “My childhood was spent stroking pencils and painting brushes. Playing with the paint brushes was something I enjoyed when I was a kid,” recollects Sakya, who claims her enthusiasm for paintings came genetically.

Starting off from Thangkas and slowly portraying the emotion of people, her paintings came to be theatrics. As a freelancer, she believes her art to flow through the minds of people.

“My paintings are basically my stories, I like storytelling through my art”



But her limits don’t escape just on the paintings she does but also the music she plays. Experiencing playing the intimate gigs on Sofar Sounds, her skills for guitar and music started while watching her brother strumming. “My brother used to play the guitar. I watched him play and he taught me a few chords while I learned few more from YouTube. This is how my musical journey started,” she shares. When asked what genre of music she likes playing the most, she says,

“I don’t have a specific genre; basically it’s like bedroom music, exploring inside my room.”


While one of her friends approached her for Sofar Sounds and thus since then her odyssey to an artist is started unfolding. Not just in her paintings and drawings but her music too portrays a story of their own. “I like bringing emotions to my work. This is difficult to portray in any art form and I don’t think I am doing it well but I am still working on that,” reveals Sakya.


Learning never goes out of style, thus Sakya is still learning and going on to the workshops so she could bring out what she wants to elevate. However, it’s not just basic paintings and music she is confined to—she is also fond of digital artwork. In emotional attachments with her dogs, her webtoon series, Shiro and Leo is also another accomplishment for the 22-year-old. “This series is one slice of my life with my dogs,” she explains.


From Thangkas to light paintings of people to comic series, you can already imagine the versatility she is bringing to the field of art. However, she wants to further experiment with watercolours, acrylic, and digital media, so she can add a diverse touch to her comic series as well. Equally active in art and music, the one she is comfortable with is yet to be explored. However, she says, “In art, I want to evolve in abstractionism and realism. And in music, I want to evolve from bedroom music so people can hear my stories.

Webtoons of Sakya is available on her website.


Text by Prija Koirala

Photo by Royal Raj Manandhar

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