I just hope that the fates of our roads are not the same. Although jumping to conclusions might not be necessary just yet, one can’t help but assume the worse consequences. After all, it’s not like our government has many past records to reassure us of their efficient work. Also, the dust in our eyes and the sand in our mouths have plagued us for too long. It has become increasingly difficult to get across the city without reaching for your helmet visor, rolling up your windows or covering up your face. And the gruesome ordeal that most of us have to go through is a whole different story.

Uncharacteristically, the government of Nepal made quick work of ripping apart the city roads which was a pleasant change from the lethargic pace they seem to work at. The roads were being ripped apart faster than the clothes off of a newly married couple on their first wedding night. Jokes apart, many people sadly lost part or even all of their homes and shops in the process. Losing half of your living room will definitely ruin one’s day, but surprisingly not much of a ruckus was stirred up. Basically, the slate had been partially been wiped clean for a new beginning.

However, what we have in our hand now is a city that resembles an aftermath of war. Half demolished homes, piles of debris running alongside the tarmacs and blocked roads and detours have created a considerable amount of nuisance. Let’s not forget the massive excavators on the roads, lumbering around like drunken elephants on a rampage. It seems that the government has exhausted itself in the process of breaking apart the roads and is now incapable of keeping up with the pace they set for themselves.


Naturally, people have questioned the way the things had been carried out. First and foremost, would it not have been a better idea to destroy and finish reconstructing one segment of the road and then move on to another part of the city? Also, now that we have a new person in charge, will he be as “diligent” in the construction of the roads, or are we now bound to off road trails smack dab in the middle of the city?

And what exactly is the cause of all the delay? A reasoning that has come to notice is because the telephone and electricity poles are not being taken down on time. Since Santa Claus’ line of authority ends at the North Pole, I guess we have the government to blame for the delay here as well. Many holdups in traffic can be attributed to this delay itself. Rush hour traffic, narrowed roads due to debris on the sides and senseless drivers now make up a concoction for hell on tarmac. Furthermore, the number of accidents has also understandably increased. Yet, things are still going at snail’s pace. And the frequent change in government control has not helped in the slightest to consolidate the worries of the people.

Judging by the looks of things, the completion of the roads will still take some time. However, the roads that have been completed are a treat to the riders and drivers; exhibit A: The Baluwatar strip. The general public would greatly appreciate it if the whole process could be sped up a few notches and we could put an end to picking parts of the city out of our hair every time we get home. Is it just me, or are my eyes and skin itchier than it used to be?

Words: Ankit Shakya

Illustration: Niren Tuladhar

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