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Now that the temperature is heating up, do you find yourself staring at a sea of clothes in your closet, wondering what to wear to work? Although businesses can have a variety of policies regarding summer office attire, they’re often vague or unspoken, leaving employee clueless.

To tell you the truth, a lot of what you can wear depends on the industry you work in. The media, PR and advertising companies are much more laid back about dress codes, and you can often get away with casual attire.

Accountants, bankers, lawyers and office managers, however, need to put a bit more thought into their summer working wardrobe. So what should you wear to your place of business? Read on if you want to know the answer.


If you work in an environment that requires suits, now is the time to rotate in a cotton suit. Because of the warmer weather, you can also opt for lighter colours, such as light grey and khaki while maintaining professionalism and style.


In an office setting, we recommend you a full sleeve shirt rather than a half sleeve. Shortsleeved shirts make you look clumsy and unprofessional. Wear light coloured ones and select fabrics made with breathable weaves and natural fibres such as cotton, linen, or tropical weigh wool. Looser fits facilitate airflow, but do not take this to mean you should wear something larger than what your body size calls for. Remember that dark colours do not reflect light but rather absorb it and all other factors being constant, are thus hotter.


If you have followed our articles you know enough about ties already, so I will just be moving onto what you exactly need this summer. This hot weather, boost up your boring office day with confidence in a tie that packs a punch of bright colour. It’ll differentiate you from the army of anonymous men who pair their dark shirts with dark ties.

If you work in a relaxed office setting then just don a half sleeved polo shirt with chinos and a pair of loafers or Mohicans, this combination is a perfect example of a smart casual look.



If its trousers you are worried about, then we think that cotton and linen trousers are the best choices you have for beating the heat. Like mentioned above, if your work environment is a bit relaxed, Chinos can be considered as an appropriate option, however avoid wearing baggy cargos and shorts.


Invest in a nice classy watch because when you rest those hands on a conference-room table, a sophisticated watch is guaranteed to make a big statement.


Always wear a 100% cotton undershirt. Although wearing two layers of clothing sounds warmer than wearing a single layer, a cotton undershirt protects the outer layer from sweat and fabric staining antiperspirants. If you sweat heavily, consider bringing an extra shirt to change into.


There is nothing really wrong with a back pack but a polished look definitely calls for a briefcase. It sends the message that you’re a professional, with serious business to attend to on the fly—not just a man carrying gym shoes.

And about the shoes, if you work at banks or corporate offices, strictly avoid slippers and sandals rather go for classy leather shoes. If you work in a more chilled out office, sport chinos or Mohicans like mentioned above, these shoes are perfect for a semi-formal look.

 There you have it, your ideal summertime office wardrobe. Now all you need is a confidence to hit your office with a bang! 

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