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20 Jun 2018

what does it take to be a chef with chef del

They say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his belly. Good food makes a man happy;

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19 Jun 2018

the musing’s of an artist : bartika eam rai

Music takes us places. It takes us down memory lanes, it takes us to the hope we have for the

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19 Jun 2018

lindu: not your average workspace but much better

“There aren’t many job opportunities in Nepal.” This is what we hear a lot of youngsters saying. The amount of

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18 Jun 2018

khaalisisi : putting their name on it while claiming the high ground

There are many great, strong service providers in the world. There are people who have made it their passion to

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18 Jun 2018

the different realms of art with noor rajbhandari

If you’re a person who’s anywhere on the Internet, it’s not hard to be inspired by posts that look different.

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09 Jun 2018

the indoor vs outdoor : the transition of sports

Back in the days, the main thing that would be troubling our parents would be the fact that their children

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09 Jun 2018

the lure of greener fields in conversation with aspiring footballers

The fact that hundreds of Nepali kids are competing to play in the minor leagues of a small, largely overlooked

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09 Jun 2018

the do’s and don’ts of healthy smoothies

We are in an age where every other person is extremely conscious about their health and diet. These people are

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08 Jun 2018

living the piro life : tibetan treats at lakpa’s

Our relationship with pain is strange. It’s something we don’t like. Yet we find ourselves inflicting it upon, guess what,

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