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Pork Khutti ko Achaar

Available at:
Kathmandu Handle Bar, Baluwatar
Ph: 4428778
If you’re thinking of giving this dish a try, give the good folks of Handle Bar a day of prior notice.

Pig feet don’t rank amongst the most appetizing things in anyone’s books, but that quickly changes once you taste this foodgasmic beauty. A dish that perfectly embodies the Darjeeling style of cuisine, the Pork Khutta ko Achaar is a comfort food you could get used to.


Boiled pork feet cooked to perfection with a mix of amazing spices, this is more of a curry than an achaar. A bowl of this goes best with black daal and rice with a tarkaari of your choice. You could also pair it up with laccha paraatha or plain roti if you don’t want anything else interfering with the taste of the khutti.

It is the perfect blend of chewy pork band savory spices that will have you salivating just thinking about it. A must try if you’re a fan of the Darjeeling style of cookery.

Available at:

Kathmandu Handle Bar,Baluwatar

Ph: 4428778

If you’re thinking of giving this dish a try, give the good folks of Handle Bar a day of prior notice.

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