promoting nepalese business : sam’s one tree stop

We are convinced that the Nepalese economy will recover via the promotion of small-scale and big scale local productions. But for this to happen, local authorities must incorporate this promotion in their own businesses as well.
Lucky for everyone, this action is being supported by a few businesses around Kathmandu. One such place that helps the local producers by showcasing their products and selling them is Sam’s One Tree Stop. It is authentically a restaurant, but as soon as you enter, you are greeted by an amazing collection of locally produced goods that ranges from luxury notebooks to homemade pickles. One tree stop is a gallery shop that celebrates local craftsmanship and aims to bring attention to exciting new Nepali products and producers. With each new collection being put into rotation, One Tree Stop currently has their 2018 Spring Collection, which will be on display till June, and then it will be replaced by the Fall collection.
Karma Coffee is a journey born out of a passion for coffee. It envisions a coffee experience that is based on respect and appreciation for the people, their culture, traditions, and nature. All products are up-cycled and created by local artisans and small businesses. And all the coffee beans are 100% organic, hand-picked, and hand processed.


Paying tribute to the art and artisans of the Himalayan region, both ancient and contemporary, each Kaligarh product is hand made by small scale artisans in Nepal. They play with motifs and designs inherited from generations past, re-crafting them into new forms.


Yatri supply has a vision of a world connected to nature and the adventurous spirit. As reflected by their motto: ‘Adventure is now’ they are an adventure gear local business which has been well received by the local people.



Muskan is a handicraft company that was setup in response to the 2015 earthquakes to support the women in Patan through income generating opportunities. All the women work from home and create unique and beautiful handmade products, with an aim to foster a caring community for everyone involved.

Marina Vaptzarova: The brand is an exemplar of sustainable design, offering a unique and vibrant collection of designer journals and lifestyle accessories. Hand made from plant harvest to finish, each product is the expression of dedicated quality and exceptional craftsmanship.


Every single Mheecha product is designed and manufactured in Nepal. Mheecha adheres to the minimal design concept with the mantra of being clean and simple.



Woven’s products mainly includes bags, stuffed animals, and pouches. Woven sources its cotton fabrics from Women’s Skill Development Organization. Woven has been empowering and employing women from rural areas to help support their daily life.

People Serving Hand Handicrafts: This project was initiated to encourage the collection of non-biodegradable “trash” and use them to create high utility upcycles products. With a vision to create jobs for people in marginalized communities, it strives to promote better waste management policies.



Amako is an intergenerational mother-daughter company that believes in sharing the magic that is created in their small Gurung kitchen. Most of their vegetables are grown in their own garden, each jar is sterilized, packed, and hand labeled for your pleasure.


The White Yak is a fair trade, ethically made wool and leather goods company. They are committed to empower the people of the Himalayan region through combining traditional textiles with modern designs.



Hatti Hatti promotes sustainable and ethical fashion. All their products are created by upcycled saris to create unique beautiful clothing and accessories. It was established with the mission to empower Nepali women from marginalized communities.


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