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While most pet-friendly facilities have started allowing pets they don’t quite reach the level of an authentic pet hostel and the levels of Paws Play and Stay located at Bhaktapur. This is in fact indicative of the big growth in recent years in the number of pets and their value in a family household. Take it from the visionary behind the concept, Dr. Pranav Joshi. Dr. Joshi is well known and has years of experience in being a veterinarian doctor and now has expanded his knowledge in the area of providing the ultimate experience, ensuring our four-legged friends are pampered, entertained and indulged with loving care and attention. He goes with the aim to provide exemplary customer service, an immaculate facility and a safe and healthy environment for your furry companions.

We had a chat with him and this is what he had to say about his new venture, and the psychology of pets.



During their visit to my dog clinic, a lot of my clients had a lot of complaints about not being able to take their dogs with them to places. This sort of made them forcefully revolve their lives around their pets which made day to day life far more complex than needed. So I witnessed a huge demand for a complete package of pet care. Since there weren’t much of such services here in Nepal, I took the opportunity and started Paws Play and Stay.

We have witnessed a huge increase in the demand for pet-friendly hotels, and guests wanting to place their pets in helpful hands while they are out for business or pleasure. Demand is growing year by year, with a large proportion of pet owners finding it more and more difficult to manage a place for their pets. And also our team enjoys the novelty of having pets around, whether it is walking the dogs or babysitting animals while their owners enjoy their time. For our staffs that are unable to keep a pet for various reasons, they get a chance to have the companionship of an animal for a while.

The concept of pets is not as developed here as it is in Europe and America, but Nepal is starting to have a concept where pets are seen as family members. And we would treat them like that. Like you may have a certain way you greet your client, a particular way you like to exercise a client’s pet, or even a preferred method of feeding so that animals in your care thrive. We make sure people know they are caring for their pets as required as per their specifications. This is the standard pet professionals should seek to identify their own guidelines to help elevate the professionalism in their establishment and that is our main focus.




Whether you work alone or in a busy environment surrounded by employees, a complete care and grooming for your pets can be left to us. We are more than just capable with our facilities and high standards for quality. We want our clients to appreciate the consistency and uniformity in their pet’s experience visit after visit. Additionally, when they recommend friends to us, they can be assured that their friends will enjoy a similar experience.

Often, the hot topic among our clients is whether to do a certain thing or not. There is a lot of contradicting opinions on the internet so pet owners are basically confused. We, as pet service professionals are here to clear those doubts. While doing so, the team and I educate our clients on proper pet care. We encourage them to have a conversation with their vet, and proceed as necessary based upon their wishes. In this, we are meeting the needs of the client as well as their pets.



Behavior is influenced by interactions with the environment, which is why we try and create habitats that are reinforcing to the animal’s behavior. And to design an enriching habitat, we need to get into the mindset of the animal we’re caring for. For instance, dogs have an innate desire to eliminate away from the areas where they play, sleep, eat, and drink. That’s why you might notice anxiety, pacing, and other stress–induced behaviors in cramped environments with artificial turf where they can’t “do their business” in any another spot.

Of course, safety is always paramount. The amount of available space contributes to safety so that the animals can engage socially without feeling stressed, frustrated, or cornered.

When an animal wants some alone time away from the group, they have that opportunity.


In the wild, social groupings look very different than they do for companion animals—dogs can hunt and mate (which is how social groupings naturally develop). If we aren’t allowing for that, how do we meet this need for social grouping? So, we carefully monitor groups and mindfully create conditions where the need for social grouping can be fulfilled. Dogs learn proper play, impulse control, and cooperation when social groupings are approached with mindfulness.

Understand that groups of dogs can stabilize and bring out the best in each other… or the exact opposite if not done correctly. We make sure that the latter does not happen.


You can’t have an enrichment center without relationships. And those relationships have to be maintained. Also, it’s not just your relationship with the animals. Staff and client relationships are just as important to us. The value of a relationship depends on the number of positive interactions amongst living beings over a period of time. Believing that relationships take time and effort to maintain, we strive to do it by constantly learning, being mindful, and adaptive. When we approach it this way, one can realize that it’s just as enriching for us as it is for you and your best friends.

Words: Shreeya Sangroula| Photos: Pritam Chhetri

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