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In this day and age of technology, everything is going wireless, and if you don’t stay up to date with the changing trends, you and your devices will lag behind. Bluetooth speakers have been around for quite a long time, but there have been major developments in this category only in the recent years as the consumers want new and innovative features incorporated as soon as it they are developed. Especially in the time when some of the major phone manufacturers are ditching the 3.5mm AUX cable in favor of the lighting/Type-C cable, or Bluetooth headphones.

In this regard, music is an integral part of our lives as we mostly listen to music to set our mood, be it when you are happy, out partying, or feeling sad but good music will connect. But without a good medium to absorb the music, there is no point in it. And that is where Remax comes in. Remax has a plethora of products in their line up and one of the best selling items is their Bluetooth Speakers.

There were a lot of speakers to choose from but the one that appealed the most to us was their RB-M12 Waterproof Speakers. The RB-M12 speaker is an IPX7 rated speaker, meaning you can submerge it up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. So essentially, you won’t have to worry if you accidentally spill water on the speaker because it can handle it with ease. The speaker has a very rugged feel and design as it was designed with the outdoors in mind. The ends have a rubberized finish along with two rubberized strips, the one on the top houses all the interactive buttons such as the Power, Play/ Pause, Volume Up, Volume Down, and two LED Indicators that show the Battery Status and the Bluetooth Status. On the bottom, there is a similar rubberized strip that holds the speaker in place and stops it from sliding around. There is a ¼ threaded mounting option on which you can use to hook the speaker to your bag or something similar using the mounting hardware that is attached on the side of the speaker.



The RB-M12 comes with a 4000 mAh battery that lasts for about 7-8 hours of continuous playback, or 30 days of standby time. The battery is fully charged from 0 % in close to 3 hours. The output driver used in the speaker is a pair of 45mm 8 watt units that have a very good output. The volume is pretty good, although it is a bit quieter than the other Remax products because of it being waterproof. The bass, however, is really good, good enough for you to feel each and every beat. The connectivity is taken care of with Bluetooth 4.2, that can stay connected for up to 10 meters. From our testing, we found out that it can handle a little more than that before the sound starts to break due to weak connectivity.

On the ends of the speaker, there are two distinct features; on one end you have the tethering point from where you can hook the speaker to your bag or other stuff, and on the other end is where the charging port, AUX cable, and the mic is located. All these ports are covered by a rubberized flap to keep it away from the water. The charging port in question is a micro USB port that is very common on phones. With the included mic you can answer the call and have your conversation through the speaker itself.



The RB-M12 speaker is priced at Rs. 7435/- which is quite a bargain to be honest because there aren’t many speakers available at this price point with similar capabilities from other brands. The bigger brand speakers are quite costly and only their copy versions can be purchased at a similar price point. So it makes sense in buying a genuine product rather than a copy product as you can never know how reliable those products are. Remax, on the other hand, gives you a one year warranty with the purchase of this speaker, so if you have any problems with your speaker during that period, you can get it checked and fixed if it is under the warranty.


The RB-M12 speaker is available in two color options, the black with grey speaker grill (which is this one) or a red one. So this Dashain, if you are looking for a speaker for your parties, then definitely check this speaker out. Or it could be a Dashain gift to someone you know who enjoys listening to music, or simply, to your own self.



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