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We hate clichés as much as the next guy, but whenever someone says that a suit is a piece of armor, we can’t help but agree. Going beyond just making you look, they make you feel sharper, powerful, like the world is your oyster.

But the sad part about the story is that we have categorized the attire to formality, and reserved formality for corporate jobs and weddings. And we seldom do it right even in those special occasions. As we transition into a world that’s more concerned with sneakers and oversized hoodies even in the high heat of summer, this truth is more becoming and haunting. In a list that has passenger pigeons and Tasmanian tigers, suits could be the next name.

Part of the reason why this may be is simply that those who make them don’t make them right.

And Regal Inc., the brain child of Mr. Ashutosh Aggrawal, is here to make sure that the extinction doesn’t happen. To us, this is a preservation and promotion of a tradition.

Stalking Regal Inc. on social media, the first post was made in September 2018. That means you haven’t been in the scene for even a year. So, I’m curious as to what was there before all of this.

We used to distribute fabrics. Then, we established the Natraj Boutique, a premier hub for custom women’s clothing. And it was from there where we did men’s suits as well. But eventually, we didn’t want to gel up men’s and women’s clothing all in one place. In addition to it, our male clients were loving our suits, so having a separate entity made all the sense in the world.

That’s how Regal Inc. came to be.


And what about the name? How did you come up with it?

See, suits are classic attire. If you look into the history books, it’s a royal garb. Hence, to pay homage to this precious history, we thought that the word ‘Regal’ is appropriate. Now comes the ‘Inc.’ part; that’s because we’re not just a single name. We have various international brands incorporating together under one umbrella. Thus, we’re the Regal Inc.

That’s pretty interesting. Now, digging a bit more into the same, men’s fashion is just starting to pick up here in Nepal. That too, it gravitates towards the street wear side of things. The few who do wear suits don’t know much about it. So essentially, suits in Nepal is a narrow niche. What made you grab it?

I am someone who is in love with suits. I like to wear them well and have them well. And this was 3 years ago, one of my friends approached me saying that he loves the way I wear my suits so would I be willing to design one for him. I said sure and so I created one for him. Yes, the materials and the tailors were outsourced but everything from the lapel to the buttons were all me. That instance kindled an interest to peruse it more seriously and professionally. And here we are, striving to craft quality suits and enable men to be their best.


And I’d imagine that’s why you focus on educating your clients on how to and where to wear the suits?

Of course. See, if a customer were to come in and ask us for a tuxedo because he wants to wear one to his friend’s wedding, regardless of how much cash he’s offering, we’ll reject him. All because that’s not the proper setting for a tuxedo, it’s for a daura suruwal.

You have been doing ‘Regal Speaks’ as an advertorial with us for some time now, and a lot of the testimonials say that the quality of work you provide is top notch. How important is the maintenance of it to you?

I’m not going to say that our quality is better than someone else. But what I will say is that the quality we offer, no one can negate it.


And how do you actually maintain it?

Our seamsters are masters in their craft and are highly detail orientated. Even if the fabric is of a lower quality, the stitching we do is of the highest. The exterior will look good, and we go to lengths to make sure that the interior does as well. If you make a suit with us and you’re not entirely happy with it, we’ll scrap the whole thing and begin anew.

Then when you’re happy with it, the first dry clean is on us, so is a lifetime’s worth of alterations, so that you keep being happy. What we make is our baby, and we take care of it, even after it’s yours. And in this way, we take care of you as well.

No wonder they say good things about you! But the same people say that it’s sometimes hard for you to keep up with the orders.

We won’t deny it. What we strive for is quality, not quantity. If we’re delivering something high end, we will need time for it. It takes our seamsters at least 2 days to craft the foundation of the suit. Then it takes longer accordingly to the wants of the clients. Because we have to keep up with all of these, delays do happen. But we keep taking orders as we’d hate to send a customer back empty.

Having said that, we are working to minimize it. We’re already expanding our team.

But at the moment of speaking, if you’re to ask for a suit with in 2 days, we have to say sorry. We can’t compromise on the quality.


Now that we’ve talked about what they’re saying, let’s talk about who they are. Who is your clientele?

My clients are anyone, be it a student, a 9-to-5er, a CEO, whoever understands the suit, who appreciates it, and who wants to get it from us, they are our clients. Our suits begin from 12,000 and reaches more than 12,00,000 so no one will go out empty handed from us.

And you’ve a cool offer going on now. Tell us about that.

What we’ve noticed with our customers is that they return every week or every twice a week to jut get a shirt or a pair of trousers. So, to take that extra bit of effort off them, and cater to anyone looking to switch up their wardrobe with new and exciting pieces, we’ve initiative a planned package program. We have 4 categories within; Regular, Corporate, Lion, and Regalian.

The Regular is entry level so it’s targeted towards the on-the-go individual who are beginning to make their lives. Over the course of 4 months, they’ll be fitted with 8 shirts, 8 trousers, 2 blazers, and 2 suits. Then, the Corporate is for those working on their career and climbing the ladder. It is a step above Regular, with 16 shirts and trousers, 2 blazers, and 4 suits. Next, Lion is pretty much the same as Corporate, but the quality is higher.

Finally, the Regalian is for the person who’s accomplished all and the next thing on the list is the world itself. The grand package will grant 32 pairs of shirts and trousers, 8 suits of which 4 will be bespoke, and 4 blazers, with accompanying 5 sets of cufflinks.

This all is really exciting! So what’s next?

Let’s keep the next for later. But whatever it is, you will come to love it.


Great! Let’s give it a conclusion now, anything you’d like to add?

I’ve been meaning to say this for a long time now. I don’t see why people craze of Italian, British, I don’t see why people fly all over the world to get their suits. Why don’t our own Nepalese brothers and sisters trust us? It’s a nagging reality to me. We’ve got a range of star spangled brands right here.

Secondly, why are we following the trends that rage on outside our country? Why not ignite our own? I don’t care if this is racist of me, by we as Nepalese have better styling choices than those outside. We have amazing materials such as Dhaka that’s wonderful to make suits out of. Ratna Raaz is already using it and is a prime example of this innovation. It was that we didn’t have access to quality products then, but now we do. So why don’t we work on it?

Our efforts may be a single drop in the ocean but drops do go on to make the ocean. I strongly feel that those who are in the fashion industry, we all need to join forces to come up with something that’s grand and has them following us for a change.


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