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Relaxing Window Sill Cushioned seats

Bay windows are generally a small window in the wall niche or large window with a pleasant view. Adding a window bench is a great way to add charm to your home and a nice place tor solitude and relaxation.
Windows are typically thought of as just something that a house has for ventilation, which goes unnoticed in our everyday lives. However, with a little bit of creativity, you can turn your window sill into a fashionable yet functional piece of furniture with the help of some simple decoration ideas provided that the ledge is wide enough to accommodate a seat, hence transforming it into your favorite spot in your home.
Not only can you turn the windowsill area into a comfortable sofa-type seat, you can even add additional utility by having a storage space underneath it. You can add drawers that make great storage for special-occasion dinnerware or those bulky items you do not use every day. You can even use it as a toy chest for children. This idea makes the most out of narrow spaces hence it is functionally and esthetically a great concept to include in a space as such.
It will definitely turn out to be the dreamy seating area you have been meaning to spend your leisure time in. Here are some photo examples of custom window sill cushioned seats for your inspiration: These kind of distinct areas encourage family members to mix and mingle while multitasking. Once overlooked as empty space, a wall-hugging window banquette springs to life as a lengthy lounge area.
If the niche is deeper than the standard bay windows it can serve the purpose of a day-bed beneath the window. Rather than forfeiting square footage with a traditional twin-size bed, a sun-loving window seat can serve as guest beds and extra seating as well. Not to forget the plentiful storage underneath which can serve as roomy built-in drawers to store just about anything which stays within easy reach. Dressing the bay window mats with plush pillows makes it appear more inviting.
Even when space is limited, niches can capitalize on style. Make the area as inviting as it is functional by hanging artwork and accessorizing with pretty, plush fabrics. Boost your window seat’s style quotient with an attentiongrabbing cushion pattern and colorful pillows. Because built-in window seats are often white, bold accessories add contrast and excitement.
Serving as a multipurpose extension: this stay-awhile work space, cabinets linked by a low set of drawers span an office window, providing a sunny seat to read, work, or play. Also, by connecting the desk, window seat, and storage centers, the small setup is perfect for multitasking.
Never underestimate the power of a savvy space; it could just turn out to be a great way to optimize a spacious window setup with a seat that marries style and function.

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