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It’s surprising how people believe any thing they read on the internet. There are many people (especially women) who honestly believe that men think about sex every seven second. That’s 514 times an hour and approximately 8000 times a day. Clearly the statistics have been exaggerated. However, we won’t deny that we think about sex a lot, maybe far too often.

And there’s a valid reason for our obsession: sex is wonderful, it’s the best. A day where you have bad sex is always better than when you have no sex at all. Nevertheless, even the best of things do tend to get mundane after a certain period of time and you need to spice things up, especially when sex has turned into a routine of 5 min- utes of sex in the missionary position and turning over to pass out.

There are many ways to spice up
your sex life; role playing is amongst those that require a little more effort and creativity. But you also reap the rewards. Pretending you are some- body else allows you to venture places you wouldn’t normally go. This might mean that you’re voluntarily forced
to go out of your comfort zone and
act a little. Thankfully you don’t need to worry about stage fright because you’ll be performing for each other. And it’s a really fun experience to get into someone else’s shoes.

Warming Her Up to the Idea

1) Use Subtle Hints:

Asking your partner to
put on a school girl skirt and prepare herself for
a raunchy lesson might not entice her right away. Subtle hints like “you’d look so sexy in something like that” when you pass a lingerie store or “I’d love to have you as my personal naughty secretary” are great ways to get the idea stirring in her mind. If you come on too strong

at first, there is a good chance you’ll come off as a sex starved freak and she’ll shut the idea down before it even has a chance to get off the ground.

On the flip side, if you don’t come on strong enough, she might take your subtle hints as noth- ing more than everyday flirting.

2) Tread Lightly:

Your partner might take your approach to role play- ing in two ways: either it’s a fun idea to spice things up, or you’re telling her she’s boring in the sheets. Make her comfortable with the idea and ensure that you’re not doing it because she is boring.

3) Encourage her to express her fantasies:

Remember, it’s not just you who’s going to be living out a fantasy. You might get her to wear framed specs and hold a wooden ruler to your bum but she is also entitled to live out her fantasy of get- ting it on with a powerful CEO. Don’t make her feel like this is all about you.



Delve into your inner teenager and the rich fantasy world of teenage boys, and quite possibly, the headmistress. The pupil is under the instruction and discipline of the headmistress. This creates a power imbalance, which can be fun to take advantage of with a lover.

Sample scenario: The head- mistress calls the pupil to her office after school for disciplinary action. The pupil must write down every sexual thought and fantasy he has about her. Then he must read them back to the headmistress, who gets very aroused at the suggestions, which often include her. She then gives the pupil a lesson he will never forget on how
to satisfy a woman the correct way. If he gets it wrong, he may be spanked. Or he may be spanked anyway.

Props: Spanking instrument (e.g. plastic ruler, wooden ruler), school uniform, pad and pen.

Description: This scenario revolves around the idea of the relationship between a woman and her male boss. While at work the boss might be in control, but the power shifts radically when things take a sexy turn and the secretary calls the shots.

Sample Scenario: The secre- tary has on a pair of sexy underwear that she des- perately wants to show off to her boss. She needs to find ways to do that while maintaining a professional demeanor. She can do that be picking up the papers she spilled on the ground “by accident” or reaching for a file above the boss’ head while leaning precar- iously close to him. A strip tease can also be incorpo- rated into this scenario, where he cannot touch her until she says so.

Props: Desk, office equipment, office attire


Description: The idea of photographing a model in the sexiest attire (or none) without being allowed to touch each other is a major turn on. You might be able to get your partner to turn into a sexy devil in front of the camera.

Sample Scenario: A male photographer has a studio set up and wishes for the gorgeous model to pose for some sexy nudes. When she arrives they drink some champagne and discuss the shots. Once set up, the photogra- pher tells her how to stand and pose with whatever props he likes.

Props: Camera, lights, cham- pagne, satin sheets


Description: You’re a suave gentleman relaxing with some alone time at an upscale café. The hot wait- ress who has been slightly more flirtatious than you’d expect.

Sample Scenario: After serv- ing you your main course, the sexy waitress who has been eyeing you the entire time slips a note in your check asking you to meet her in the backroom for dessert.

Props: Waitress, tray, a spare room

While they can be fun, props and costumes are not necessary. The real meat of role-play is in the interplay. Focus on finding a role that suits you. When you begin your role-play, find a scenario that’s com- fortable, fun and easy to adopt. It must be one you and your woman want to explore together — talk it over beforehand.



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