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After winning the Miss Nepal title in 2010 at the age of 19, the adorable Sadichha Shrestha has become a face we have all come to love. Her girl-next-door look perfectly complimented her good-girl persona. In the last few years, Sadichha has left her slightly chubby appearance in the past and slowly but surely turned into a more mature and sexier lady. Here’s a little insight on how Sadichha Shrestha shed her ‘baby-fat’ and adopted a healthier and fit life style.

TNM: Since your entry into the mass media after Miss Nepal, how has your perception on fitness and its importance in your lifestyle and career been?

SS: Well, once you are in the media, it’s not just your friends and family that comment or compliment about the way you look. Everyone’s got their opinion, even people who don’t know you personally at all have something to say. Staying fit in the media career I think has become a necessity. It was always important for me, but after Miss Nepal I think I have taken it more seriously and have been more committed.

TNM: Who do you consider as a fit celebrity in Nepal and Internationally?

SS: I think Rajesh Hamal is a fit actor. So is Ruby Rana, the first Miss Nepal. She is a mother of two and she looks amazing! :)

TNM: Have you ever had a struggle with working out?

SS: I love working out. Be in at the gym or home, I love the aftermath of a good workout. So it has never been a struggle as such, but taking time out during busy days is a challenge. However, I try to fit in an hour or half of exercise time during those days as well.

TNM: What’s your perception of a fit woman?

SS: A fit woman doesn’t necessarily have to be skinny. I think it is a wrong concept that people have. A fit person, in my opinion, is someone with stamina and who is comfortable in her own skin. Fitness cannot be defined as skinny or curvy.

TNM: Did people’s comments about your fitness change after you won Miss Nepal?

SS: After Miss Nepal, I had a lot of things to work on. I hit the gym regularly and did yoga. So that led to some changes in my lifestyle. Soon, people started saying I lost my baby fat.


TNM: What made you decide on making the fitness transformation? When?

SS: I was never uncomfortable with my body even before Miss Nepal. So, I didn’t get into fitness with the thought that I need to please other people and be skinny. However, as you grow up, you learn the importance of being fit, not just to look good. Even in order to survive a long day and a busy schedule you need stamina. So working out and a proper diet gave that to me, so I thought it was a good idea to adopt a fit lifestyle.

TNM: What were the changes that you brought into your daily routine? What did you do to keep yourself motivated?

SS: I started working out regularly and started yoga classes. Cut down on the sweets and the temptation. For motivation, I had tons of picture saved with motivational quotes and my target goals. It was surprisingly uplifting.

TNM: For some cutting down on the diet is difficult, while for others the workouts take a toll. Where do you fall in this category?

SS: I love working out, some days I am in the gym for hours and love every minute of it. But when it comes to food I may not be as committed. I love eating! I am a vegetarian and have a sweet tooth. I love desserts. So, it’s difficult keeping it out of my meal, so I have more cheat days than advised ;)


TNM: Have you reached the goal that you set for yourself yet?

SS: No, I haven’t. I think you should always set high goals and keep pushing your limits. So, I haven’t yet achieved the goal I have set in my mind. But mark my words, a few more months and you will see a different me! ;)

TNM: What does your current fitness routine and diet program consist of?

SS: I have a set routine at the gym where I go 6 days a week. And I make sure I alter the workouts that I do. I also try to replace my regular food with healthier choices by opting for brown bread over white and substituting fried food with baked ones. I also drink plenty of water and have my dinner before 7.

TNM: You are a naturally curvy lady, how difficult was it to get into shape?

SS: Well, I am a curvy person thanks to my mom and Grandma! Haha.

The difficulties for me were to find and squeeze in the time during the busy schedules. And yes, to keep my hands off desserts!

TNM: What do you have planned for your future? (movies, business etc)

SS: I am currently studying BBS in St. Xavier’s college, 3rd (last) year. I am also working with Ace Travels as their corporate communication officer. In the future I want to continue my studies and do my masters.


Photographer: Shashank Pradhan

Location: Sasa Spa Health Club

Wardrobe by:

Planet Sports & Li-Ning

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