Whether you’re on a business trip or vacation, renting a car can make your work easier to get around and move freely without worrying about any last minute walking on streets to find a taxi. And if you are going on a trip with your friends, renting a car can save a pretty good deal of money. Or even if you are thinking of replacing your vehicle for a day when your car is at servicing, renting is a deal you can go for to avoid all the bustling crowd of local buses and expensive fares of taxi. While renting a vehicle is quite new to the Nepali environment, Yes Sir! Vehicle Rental has been providing the service to domestic and international customers, according to their convenience for the past four years.

Yes Sir! Vehicle Rental accommodates you with a collection of more than thirty vehicles ranging from Hatchbacks to SUVs as per your requirement. The rental service is affordable and you can also ask for a driver. With the diverseness in landscapes to travel in Nepal, a trustworthy vehicle rental company that offers affordable and comfortable transportation service, Vikrant Shrestha of Yes sir! Vehicle Rental talks about his experiences and how the vehicle rental service came to life.

A tough business to begin with, the idea of rental arose with the demand of growing innovative market from luxury seeking customers. Rental service may be quite new for locals but looking into the international market, the importunity on the service is relatively high. “Though hunting down the vendors at the beginning was quite a task, the owners themselves started to reimburse their vehicles after a while,” Shrestha says. When he first started the rental services, approaching people through social media was a bit tedious as only few international tourists knew about it, but thanks to the ascendency in use of social media, the hot cake has now cooled down and utmost assimilated on the convenience of renting vehicles in Nepal.

Talking about Yes Sir! Vehicle Rental, unlike other multiple companies, the challenges grew deeper with time. Some clients would return the rented vehicle in a bad condition. Moreover, renters started lending vehicles with a deal of taking it to one place but then off-roading over the chunky stones of Himalayas. That surely cost them a lot due to heavy conditioning. However, Yes Sir! Cleverly brought up a contract of travelers cheque, where the amount worth the vehicle is first handed to company in case of any damage to the vehicle. Shrestha complains, “Not just that, there have also been few cases where our vehicles have been left on the way when they broke down.” With the motive of avoiding these problems, Yes Sir! has a secured plan so the renters may not run away when the vehicles are broken down. Though the situation before four years and now has changed, the hassles are not quite dissolved but have grown with the years. “Back then, our main problem was to find customers and vendors but with time, we are facing new ones in the business,” exemplifies Shrestha.

On the outside, it may look easy. It’s just renting vehicles to people who need them. But behind all the perplexities, one needs a lot of patience and determination. From paying to drivers and lenders to handling the policies with customers, the job of looking after a rental service is tough to handle. Being a business company, it definitely cannot handle expenses without all the profits. So, when TNM asked Shrestha on how profitable the business is, he explains,

“It is a business and we are surviving in this competitive environment because of the profit we earn.

The turnover is good if the customers  rent a vehicle for a longer time,” he adds.

When talking about cars and vehicles, we always want a nice one. So, how good are the vehicles available at Yes Sir!? What are the policies if we met with an accident? These are some basic questions people have regarding renting someone else’s vehicles. Not only the customers but the companies too are at risk of randomly lending a vehicle to someone who may or may not know how to drive. So for all these queries, Yes Sir! has insurance policies so that the clients can have freedom of travelling without worrying about threats.

But with all these facilities coming hand in hand, how affordable is this business? “Be it around Kathmandu or a long journey exploring the Far- West, we provide our vehicle at a very economic price,” Shrestha says. From being thrift in renting to assuring safety, he has moulded the business of renting vehicles in such a way that he barely has any competition in the market. Also, with the panoramic view of expanding his business all over Nepal, we can undoubtedly picture his future plans. Fringing on your comfort, you can breeze through the company’s website and Facebook page if you want to rent a car or have any questions regarding the rental industry.

For more view on Yes sir! Vehicle Rental, the given links can be the easy access to their page:

Website- http://www.yessirnepal.com/

Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/pg/yessirnepal/about/

Text by Prija Koirala

Photo by Hritik Shrestha

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