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Sex Toys: Things that go buzz at night

Your sexual prowess might have you feeling like a beast in bed, and by all means you have the right to feel so. But imagine taking it to the next level; imagine taking your partner to the heights of ecstasy, we’re talking about flailing limbs, bite marks and nail on your shoulders and a satisfied partner eager to repay you double fold.

However, to achieve such goals, a little extra help does wonders from time to time. Let us introduce you to these battery operated wonders that will be your perfect side kick. Take her to the realms of pleasure and nudge her over the edge. Incorporate these adult toys in your sexual escapades and reap the rewards. The best part is that she can have some fun even when you’re not available to satisfy her too. If that doesn’t earn you your brownie points, nothing will.

All products available at Sweet Secret, New Road, Kathmandu 4225297

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