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sexercise : burn more calories while having sex

If you work out on a daily basis, you know the value of keeping your health up. If you make love to your partner on the regular, you know the value of relationships (or you’re just that horny). But these two things are completely different things, right?

Well, not necessarily.

If you’re someone who likes to plan out your day while you commute, or judge the spinach lodged between someone’s teeth as you talk to them, you know where this is heading. Here’s a crash course into multitasking; burning more calories while you get hot and steamy in bed.

You may have heard that sex burns 100 to 300 calories. This may be the case at times, but a more realistic measure would be that it burns 4.2 calories per minute for men, and 3.1 for women. That’s actually more than a brisk walk. But you can capitalize on that and maximize the burn. Here are a few positions you can try to burn as many calories as you can. If you want, wear a fitness band and/or a heart rate monitor. Then again, constantly checking it can be a turn off. At your own risk, my dude.


The classic baby making position will burn around 143 calories for you. It demands a lot of hip action, core strength and stability, and upper body work, so it can be an ideal abs workout. For her, on the other hand, it’s just 44. So, to maximize it, tell her to thrust back when you thrust towards her. This motion requires a lot of core strength so her body will be a calorie furnace. Squeezing the booty too would be a great workout. Additionally, you can lift her up for some isometric work. Throw in some sighs and moans to make it go the extra mile.


Being on all fours, for her, this position yields a burn of 98. For you, you can go up to 211. Again, a lot hip action and core work. You can speed up the tempo to burn more; think HIIT. Against you, hers seems way less, so tell her to engage her glutes as much as she can while holding onto a wall. This will tone her quads, glutes, shoulders, biceps, and triceps.


A variation to the missionary, this will burn 127 for you, with similar areas of effect. For her, it’s 116. She can perform the same trusting back as you thrust towards her, but you can work on making her more flexible here. This position allows her to stretch her leg muscles like the quads, hams, and calves. Capitalize on this movement by flexing her legs at different angles.


This position has you on your back so you won’t be burning much. However, for her, she can go up to 122. While she’s at it, she can engage her lower abs and pelvic muscles. To make it go the extra mile, tell her to squat on top of you and add hip movement while she bounces up and down. More burn, more sensation, it’s all a win-win. This will get her up to 172.


Spooning could be the least activity based stance, right? Not really. She will actually burn 103 calories and you will go up to 113. The idea is that when you’re on your side and getting nasty, you’re engaging your core and obliques. To maximize it, speed the tempo with your hips to work on your endurance. Then some more extra cardio burn as well. With that, you’ll go up to 173, and she’ll do 153

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