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Lunchbox, Kupondole

The lunch box serves the biggest hotdog in all of Nepal, don’t believe us? We challenge you to find a bigger one. It has been named the Miracle Mile and for good reason too. With 3 layers of salami, just as many layers of ham, 8 regular sausages, 8 barbecued sausages, bacon, vegetables, grated carrots, cabbages, peas, corns and a more than healthy topping of cheese it would be a miracle for anyone to keep this mammoth of a meal down.

This colossal beast takes up as much space in the cozy establishment as a toddler, and it’s just as messy. So if you’re the type that loves meat, doesn’t mind making a mess and would like to devour a meal that will have you going for an entire week, this one’s for you. And it will set you back a few paper elephants from your wallet.

They serve pork hot dogs as well, so make sure to order the meal with your favorite meat. An advice for those who are planning to visit the place, take an apron along because it has variety of sauces which might destroy your favorite trouser.



Vootoo, Lazimpat

Vootoo has some delicious delicacies at their disposal and the Bandipur Chicken is their newest addition. It turns out the Bandipurians treat their chicken very well. A combination of a suitable environment and proper feed makes the chicken from Bandipur the best amongst all the lands. So, Vootoo started getting their chicken from there.

The extra effort seems to have paid off. With a touch of the chef’s special seasoning of lapsi, chili paste and salt, the Bandipur Chicken brings a tangy goodness that will have you coming back for more. It takes approximately 45 minutes to prepare, but it is worth the wait.

Photos: Bibhas Maharjan Suwal

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