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If you are to go by the book, sex is a binding act of love between a man and his wife to consummate the holy bounds of matrimony. Then again, that book also has a lot of other impractical and condescending junk that hardly makes sense in the modern world.


Today, the “25 year old virgin” is a species on the brink of extinction. With the restraints of cultural norms losing its grip on the youth, human instinct is surfacing and slowly taking charge. Considering the fact that Maslow chucked sex in the basic category tier of his pyramid, the morphing perception seems about right. Whether you like it or not, people are having sex and there is no stopping it. What you can do, however, is make the best of a bad (good) situation. The openness to sexuality is a good thing but it does have its drawbacks. When a young populous is exposed to a world of sexuality, it is important to set them out on the right path. That is never going to hap- pen if the entire topic is discussed under the breath. Teen pregnancy (and pre-marital pregnancy), a common problem in more de- veloped countries, is a very probable issue that will plague the future of Nepal. It’s not like it doesn’t happen already, but the parents respond quickly to utilize the 9 month buffer period and get the couple married faster than you can say “contraceptives”; something that should have been used.

In all honesty, after the invention of the wheel, the condom is the best thing man has made. It’s every man’s guardian angel that protects you when you have a little fun or make stupid decisions, things men tend to do fairly regularly; often as an aftermath of the deficiency of blood flow to the brain. So, once your boxers are down to your ankles and you’re ready to get down to business, there is one more thing you have to do. Put on a condom.

Chances are, a man who has a condom in his wallet has a greater chance of getting laid than a one without. Of course you’re not supposed to hold condoms in your wal- let if you want 100% efficiency, but that’s a different story altogether. Most guys cringe at the idea of having to wear a rubber. It’s not exactly the most erotic thing you could do when you’re hot and horny between the sheets. Also, it staves off a few points from the pleasure quotient up until you climax. However, it does beat having to change dirty diapers 9 months later.

And if it that wasn’t bad enough, sex can also kill you. Sexually transmitted diseases are a very real problem in today’s context and pertain more to the particular crowd that is sexually active and with multiple partners. Having multiple sexual partners is not inherently a bad thing, but it can have dire consequences if you’re not careful. Once again, your best bet to protect yourself is to use a condom or abstain from sex with multiple partners.

Sexually transmitted infections and diseas- es are a problem in Nepal, and are often diagnosed amongst a population that are at higher risk like sex workers, intravenous drug users and truck drivers. However, re- search has also shown that urban residents, unmarried individuals and young adults are also at a very high risk.

The prevalence of HIV has declined in the years since it was first diagnosed in 1988, but it is still present. And of all the reasons to fret about the transmission of these diseases, unprotected sex with an infected partner is by far the most important risk factor for STI/ HIV transmission worldwide. Considering the effects, fatal effects in fact, these STIs lead to, the matter cannot be taken lightly. This is especially true when it can be avoided by simply covering your penis before getting down to business.

If the importance of using a condom still hasn’t hit home, here’s what you need to know. Wearing a condom will help prevent the possibilities of a gruesome infection infesting your nether regions. In case you’ve forgone the use of a condom, consider your- self lucky to get off with just an infection. Contracting fife threatening diseases are also highly probable. And if risking your life still doesn’t do it for you, maybe the image of your baby nursing on the breasts of the woman who was supposed to be a one night stand will scare you into using a condom.


Speedy Gonzalez

Now that we have firmly established the importance of wearing a condom, we should move on to the matter of actually getting it on. It might appear to be a simple deed, but there are ways of making the best of it. 

Remember, you’re in the middle of sexy time and you have a short time frame to make sure all senses remain heightened and excited. You should be fit and snug into the rubber within seconds. If you need to bide yourself some time, you can keep your partner purring by kissing her, sucking her breasts, stomach or further south if you wish.

If you’ve been with your partner (sexually) before and are comfortable enough, ask her to put the condom on you. It might take a little longer but it can be pretty arousing at the same time.

You can also save yourself time by opening the condoms the right way. You’re going to be fumbling like a fool if you try to open it like a bag of potato chips, so tear it open by pinching the ends of the wrapper with both hands and ripping it open like you mean it.

Keep it Large

When putting the condom on, kneel on both knees on the bed and lean slightly forward. This will make the blood rush to your manhood and offset any shrinking due to nerves or too much booze. You should also avoid putting on a condom while lying on your back because the blood rushes away from your penis.

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