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Straight From the Grill: The meatiest dishes available in K-town

Meat is back on the menu boys!! Not like it was ever off the menu, but it helps with the dramatic effect. If you happen to be a vegetarian, you might want to turn the other way. But for those of you who are craving to get those canine teeth into some meat, this will be of interest to you. We’ve put together an assortment of some of the meatiest dishes available in K-town that comes straight from the grills of the top restaurants in town.

F4 Dish: BBQ Grilled Chicken

Located at Dillibazaar, Sunrise Biz Park

Situated on the 9th floor, the Grill House (formerly known as the Brian’s Grill House) overlooks the entire city of Kathmandu. It is definitely a sight and it’s not something you see every day. But the view is only the second thing you’ll visit The Grill House for. Although famous for their burgers the size of a head, their BBQ Grilled Chicken was what we decided to tackle. To be frank, it would be difficult to regret anything you order at The Grill House. An entire chicken leg grilled for 8 minutes on each side, the succulent limb of the feathery fowl was served to us on a bed of fries and a side of corn bread and coleslaw. The hero of the dish was the chicken, but it was well complimented with their amazing American styled barbecue sauce.

F3Capital Grill: BBQ Pork Chops

Located at Bhatbhateni

Most men have a soft spot when it comes to pork chops, at least we do. So when my man Reggy (the manager) brought out their luscious BBQ Pork Chop, we couldn’t help but shed a tear of happiness.  A beautiful slice of juicy pork marinated in spices of the gods and homemade sauce from the kitchens off Capital Grill. Served with hobbs rice and a side of veggies this dish tasted exquisite. This sweet and savory pork chop brings a halt to your meat cravings. The manager Bhagirath Narayan Regmi sends his regards “Cheers! With every step of service”

F2Red Mud: A Hungry Man’s Burger

Located at Thapathali, Trade Tower

Having worked as a manager for 6 years at Nandos in UK, Pravesh Humagain’s ideologies when it comes to meat is simple. ‘There can always be more.’ And we completely agree. Their massive Hungry Man’s burger makes their intent more than clear. A double layer of grilled chicken with just as many layers of melted cheese, the Hungry Man’s Burger requires the use of double hands. There is no nonsense here. It is simple; yet the explosion of flavors you get from the first bite right up till the last proves it is anything but.

F1Café Nina: Blue Cheese Burger

Located at Maharajgunj, opposite American Embassy

(Prepared by Rajan Bhujel)

When you have an entire packaged meat industry named after you (Nina and Hager), you have a lot to live up to. And Café Nina does just that. Their assortment of some of the best continental dishes will have any foodie salivating to the extent of embarrassment. From all of their amazing dishes offered on the menu, we decided to order this. This beauty is their amazing Blue Cheese Burger. A massive hunk of beef minces (that they get from Nina and Hager, who import it from Australia) on a bed of arugula greens with blue cheese and bacon. If that alone doesn’t have you running to Café Nina…

Photos: Bibhas Maharjan Suwal

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