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One of the most profound figures in Nepal Body building. Sachit Pradhan, has over 20 years of training experience, has taken part in several competitions and has won several titles as well. Overall champion of Mr. Himalaya twice and 3 times winner of South Asian Bodybuilding competition, he has been coaching for the past 14 years and has carved a new dimension to working out smartly.

Stretching is so often something people neglect to do at the end of a training session because they are too tired to do anything else. Or when they do, they just rush through each stretch and thus don’t get the full benefit of each one. You may think that stretching your hamstrings and calves is just something to be done if you have a few extra minutes before or after running or other exercises. Although studies about the benefits of stretching are mixed, stretching may help you improve your flexibility, which in turn may improve your athletic performance and decrease your risk of injury.

If we might just add, stretching is important for the following reasons:

  1. It improves muscle balance around a joint, thus improving posture.
  2. It reduces the chance of injury when playing a sport or in everyday activities.
  3. It increases the blood and nutrient supply to muscles and cartilage, thereby also reducing muscle soreness after training.




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