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We know that men come in all shapes and sizes. Luckily for almost every type there is a particular style that best compliments their body. Getting dressed becomes easier when you know what style of clothing suits you best. So, to make it easy for you, we have a list of tips on what to wear if you fall under the following body types.


If you are Tall and skinny

If you are tall and skinny then you should opt for something that adds mass and subtracts your height. Go for tops with horizontal prints or just wear layers of clothes to add some bulk. For the bottom, avoid skinny jeans and go for the Straight leg or slightly boot cut, they work very well on tall men with skinny frame. As far as the colour combination is concerned avoid wearing dark colours like black from head to toe, instead break up your outfit when you can, with lighter hues here and there such as white, light-grey and pale-blue.

If you are short

As a stout man, your wardrobe should primarily feature dark, solid colours. If you desire patterns, go with vertical stripes spaced close together because they tend to add height. Avoid designs and patterns because they break up your outfit’s vertical lines that make you look taller. Wearing a uniform top and bottom will also make your body look longer. For example, if you’re wearing blue jeans, wearing a similar blue shirt will definitely help you make look taller. One more tip, avoid wearing your pants too high. Wear them just above your hips for maximum results. A loose fit on a short man actually emphasizes his petite frame, it makes him look messy, and it signals that he’s too small to find clothing that fits him right.


If you are bulky

Being overweight doesn’t mean that you have to dress poorly. Having a decent wardrobe will help anyone make a better first impression, even if you don’t have the best body. The first step to dress well can be wearing clothes that fit you well. Wearing clothes that are too small or too big for your size won’t make you look any smaller, so just avoid them. Wear tops with thin vertical stripes and if your torso is larger than your bottom half, dark clothing on top and light on bottom can help you look more proportional. Avoid anything that can make you look bigger such as cargo pants, hoodies, bulky sweaters and especially clothes with shoulder pads.

If you have an average body

Being an average means you are neither too tall nor too short, neither too bulky nor to thin. If your body fall under this category, you will want clothes that fit and define your body, rather than hanging limply from it. Since standing out is a primary goal for the average-sized man, bold patterns and colours are a good choice for those confident enough to wear them. When considering your finishing touches, simply remember the basic needs — good fit, distinctive style, and only a touch of restraint in colour and pattern — and you should have no difficulty using the wide selection of size-medium clothing available to turn an average man into the most memorable body at the party.

So this is it! Use these tips and look thebest in what Mother Nature gave you!


Old fashion rules you must get rid of! While there are very few rules in men’s fashion, there are a number of age-old myths that can actually take away a lot from your outfit. If you want to know about the modern to-dos and not to-dos of fashion, then brace yourself for some stylish myth busting!

Myth #1: Your belt must match your shoes

Wrong! Your belt should be in the same colour family, like black with brown but it does not need to match. If you are not sure, always err on the darker side. A black belt goes well with almost everything.

Myth #2: Pink is not for Real Men

Think again, big boy. Yes, pink has been associated with girls from ever since we can remember however it is time to accept that pink is a vivacious colour and looks good on most men. However, you do have to avoid overdoing the pink. If you are wearing a pink t-shirt or shirt, go for different coloured trousers.

Myth #3: Denim on denim is a major fashion faux pas

Double denim can be done! Although, it is a look that can go horribly wrong very easily, but if you get it right, the double denim look can actually make you look like a confident style king who really knows his stuff. The importance here however, is achieving contrast between the shirt or jacket and the jeans, both in terms of colour and texture.

Myth #4: Blue & Green, Never To Be Seen

If you have heard an old grandfather’s tale about not wearing blue and green together and actually followed its rule till date, then we ask you forget it. In the modern days, you can practically wear any colour together and in my opinion blue and green would just look great. Just try to not pair navy and olive together though!

Myth #5 – Mixing Patterns is a Bad Idea

Engaging in pattern mixing can be a potentially dangerous styling move, but it can also be awesome. If you are confident about your styling skills, mixing patterns can be stylish and a fashion-forward look. Just make sure you look in the mirror before you go to the office.

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