Summer Skin Care. Why?it causes cancer.

If the third C word in the title didn’t catch your attention, I’m not sure what will. But assuming that it did, yes, the sun can cause cancer. Every moment you spend out in the sun, the closer you come to having your skin being melted off your body. Well, not literally, but with skin cancer on the line, you never know. The fiery ball in the sky will affect you no matter what your skin color is. Just because you can’t see your skin being tanned doesn’t mean you’re not at risk. And even if you don’t get cancer, you will age quicker. See, it is going to affect you anyways, but there are a few measures you can take to delay the whole process. All you have to do is suck up your manliness and spend a bit more time on the cosmetics aisle.



As the name of the product suggests, it screens the sun, meaning it blocks away the sun from your skin. Sun’s ultraviolet rays and other radiations that are harmful for the skin and is the leading cause for the killer C. Also, you can get sunburn, which hurts like a SOB with any movement you make and/or with any contact made to it.

You want to get something that says SPF, which stands for Sun Protection Factor. These tend to range from 15 (blocks 93% of the UVB), 30 (97%), 50 and (98%). If it says anything above 50, it’s lying.

Apart from these, there are two types of Sunscreens, Physical and Chemical. Without getting too much into chemistry, Physical has ingredients like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide which forms a layer on top of your skin and deflects the sun. Chemical has stuff like Avobenzone and Oxybenzone which are absorbed into the skin and take in the UV rays, convert them into heat and let them out.

Now, there are 2 sides to a coin, so Physical is not that ideal because it will wear out if you sweat a lot or go swimming. However, it is neutral to the skin and won’t block thine pores. Chemicals can cause skin concerns but the tend to stick around for more, ideal if you’re the active kind.



These days, we seemed to be obsessed with matte finish. Matte cars, matte laptops, matte lipstick, and matte faces. Everything matte is not good, specially when it comes to skin. See, when the face is oily, we tend to think “Why just twice a day? Imma wash my face every hour!” This is where we bend ourselves over. When we face wash, we rip away the oil. But the skin does need a bit of oil, a.k.a, moisture. Without it, the skin will crack and be all crusty, and in no time, you’ll look like the Thing from Fantastic Four. Or get some Harlequin-type ichthyosis. Google it.


Using a sunscreen is the most important step you can take. The next step is to clean it away. Now, when you live in a place like Kathmandu where roads seem to go through the process of existing and being replaced by a desert, you’re bound to develop a mini desert on your skin. SO you need to clean them out. Get yourself a daily face wash, and an exfoliating wash. The phase was is to be use twice a day, during morning and night, while the exfoliator twice or thrice a week. The purpose of the exfoliator is for ripping away the dead skin cells and giving life to new skin cells.



Since we talked about taking the oil away from the skin, we need to talk about putting it back in. But first, a bit on what if you were not to do so. You ripped it away for the sake of cleaning the skin. But the skin does need the oil so it produces oil on its own to get what it wants. In this manner, it keeps producing and that’s how you end up with so much skin oil that you can fry a bag of chips with. Basically, the concept of moisturizing is to fight fire with fire. Get a good moisturizer so that your skin is nice and moist and not flaking.



Did you know that the perfect temperature for your skin to prosper is 31°C, which is lower than the body temperature. So, stay in and in cool places. You can try to use ice, it’s actually really good for closing up your pores. But the downside is, when you’re exposed to areas with A/Cs and fans, your skin will dry up. So moisturize!


Your mom is right to tell you to eat your greens and veggies. Leafy ones like spinach and other vegetables like carrots are rich in Vitamin A. These typically advocate great vision, but they’re great for controlling oil production. So don’t fight your mom and eat it! Also, you want to stay away from chips and other fried goodies, I know it’s hard. But, think of it this way, the more oil you put in, the more oil you put out. Also, drink plenty of water. Hydrated skin is a healthy skin.


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