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Director of health and fitness

Happy Mamas and Fitstop

She is a certified pre/ post natal and general fitness trainer and nutritionist at Happy Mamas and Fitstop.



Director of health and fitness

Happy mamas and Fitstop

What started out as working out to lose excess weight after pregnancy, has now become her passion and career . She is now a certified trainer at Fitstop and Happy Mamas


Motherhood is a beautiful thing, but keeping a hot figure after having a baby is very difficult. Happy Mamas aims to change that. Dija Shrestha and Shasta Rana Shah and the rest of the team work to cater to the needs and queries of mothers and mothers-to-be. And looking at these beautiful women, you wouldn’t imagine in a million years that they have mini versions of them running around.

These Super Moms are full time mothers and still manage to stay ripped and help other mamas get in shape too. In fact, Shasta managed to completely transform herself after her post natal weight gain, which she talked to us about.

We can’t get our heads around how they do it all here, you have a go!


I am a mother of a 6 year old, who takes a firm belief on positive thinking and healthy living. I am the owner and director at Happy Mamas, a company that was conceived to provide a one-stop solution to health & fitness for women of all ages and stages. I am a certified prenatal fitness & healthier trainer, nutritionist along with a certified Zumba trainer.

From a very young age, I was actively involved in track and field, gymnastics and various forms of dance. To be honest, early motherhood is challenging but I managed a prenatal workout session in home during my pregnancy and after I gave birth it took me less than four months to shed off all my pregnancy weight.

Fitness is not a fad or a requirement of a certain stage in your life but it is a lifestyle. Working out has never been a task or something to get over with. Staying fit is more than an hour’s workout; it is about positive attitude, dedication and a healthy diet. How you look and how you feel is the result of what you eat. I consider 70 percent diet and 30 percent workout routine to help us attain our fitness goal.

There is no magic pill; there is no silly contraption or machine that will promise to get you ripped.

I take six small meals a day which helps keep my metabolism on track. I take my necessary supplements everyday and pre and post workout energy drinks like amino energy and whey protein. I workout five to six times a week which is usually a combination of cardio conditioning, plyometrics, power & pump, dance and stretching, and my passion for fitness and my choice to stay strong keeps me motivated.

My advice for healthy living would be to push and challenge yourself while working out. Always choose an exercise program that you enjoy, fuel your body with good fresh food and be consistent.


I had put on a lot of weight with my pregnancy, 3o + kilos. I enjoyed every bit of both my pregnancies, but I wasn’t too crazy about the physical change in me that came along with the pregnancies. To add on to it, I sustained a knee injury after the weight gain from my second pregnancy. I injured my knees and was suffering from overall aches and pains.

The gravity of the situation took me when I realized doing everyday chores was actually becoming a pain. When I was 3 months postnatal, Happy Mamas had just had their opening and I was really excited that someone finally had come up with specialized workout programs for moms. I started my classes with Dija Shrestha at Happy Mamas, I can’t even begin to tell you how she pushed and motivated me through my journey.

There is no magic pill; there is no silly contraption or machine that will promise to get you ripped. There is just hard work and a trainer who works with you to reach your goals and keeps you motivated to achieve better results.

From a very young age, I was actively involved in track and field, gymnastics and various forms of dance.

I did my postnatal for a few months and then started with my weight loss program. With Happy Mama’s very own ‘Body Fit’ and ‘Dance Attack’ classes I ended up losing a lot of weight. In 6 months I had come to my target weight, which was 60 kilos.

After that I knew, this was the way to go, we trained hard every day, and the results were amazing. Once you see results you never want to give up do you?

I work out 6 times a week without fail and I love it! My regimen consists of cardio, strength, flexibility, weights, agility, speed, plyometrics and sports conditioning. All these are included in the ‘Body fit’ classes offered at Happy Mamas.


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