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We like to think about how modern life has solved so many problems, but seldom acknowledge the 10 fold amount of problems it has created. Alongside the burning topic of climate change is the unlikely tumor: Fast Fashion.

Not only has the plague given birth to inhuman and unethical practices of sweatshops but also that of pollution. As eyebrow-raising as it sounds, it is as obvious. Firstly, since these items are produced cheaply, quality kicked aside. This gives way to quick wear of the items, so they’re being chucked away in the bin at shorter intervals, and eventually contribute towards millions of tons of landfill that stab at the sea. Then, these clothes are dominantly made of synthetic fibers, which not only take eons to decompose when (if) disposed properly, but are also toxic. Additionally, when it comes to energy consumption, the fashion industry leads by sucking up 80%. The list goes on and spirals into something that can only mean an ecological apocalypse.

But the bright side to it all is that sustainable fashion is taking shape, and it’s making good waves here in Nepal with Bora Studio. Headed by Meena Gurung, the label creates fashionable items that pose no harm to the planet or its inhabitants. Using natural materials and dyes, Bora establishes an appealing image for Slow Fashion.


Model: Dhuksang Lama

Wardrobe by: Bora Studio

Shoes: Black Panther by Dulla.official


Model: Dhuksang Lama

Wardrobe by Bora Studio



Model: Dhuksang Lama

Wardrobe by: Bora Studio

Shoes: Vision by Dulla.official


Model: Dhuksang Lama

Wardrobe by: Bora Studio


Lavee Garden Restaurant Cafe & Bar


Photograohed by Gaurav Xhompate Sunuwar

Styled and directed by Nirveek PPJ Shah

Assisted by Abhigya Subedi and Baibhav Shrestha

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