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If you are a fitness buff, you are most probably on the lookout for the best high-performance active wear from companies that understand that fitness and athleticism come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For someone who has not yet started going to the gym, there can be many barriers to approaching fitness—but getting geared up shouldn’t be one of them.
Until recent years, although active wear was as readily available in the stores, it was always an international brand. Not to say that it was a bad thing but these days, Nepalese brands have taken it upon themselves to be a little fitness forward for us. Odin Apparel was founded in 2018 by a team of fitness enthusiasts. They develop clothing and accessories for the gym, sports and life.
In a short amount of time they have achieved phenomenal growth, for both Men and Women. Before, it was more like a cotton loungewear masquerading as an active wear. So, Odin Apparel is definitely taking a step in the right direction. So, sweat, grind, and give it your all while giving Odin Apparel a try. You will no longer have to simply make do with oversized cotton shirts and sweatpants. The time has come to shine at the squat rack in well-fitting, stylish, performance-focused apparel. Whether it’s yoga, walking, running, lifting, or any other activity that gets you sweating while looking stylish.

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The style is minimalistic but with a wide range of colors and styles to choose from. The Odin Vital Long Sleeve Crop Top is modest yet stylish which is perfect for people who might have a problem with showing too much skin. The seamless knit with physique contouring shading makes it look more amazing. Even the Odin logo has been designed perfectly and doesn’t look like its overdone. However, talking about the Aspire leggings, it morphs fitness apparel into something style with exclusive and state-of-the-art cuts to clothing and ingenious outfit creations. If you’re one to shy away from the bold and daring, take a chance and step out of your comfort zone. You may just realize you really like it. We all have had the problem of not having pockets in workout apparels but the pants have a pocket that can be hard to find at first but it is there and placed at the right place.
The Odin Legacy t-shirt carries the same minimalistic approach with keeping things simple yet stylish and comes with a variety of colors to choose from. The Legacy looks like any of your basic cotton t-shirts with tapered fit, something that will not go out of style. A big logo of Odin has been well integrated to the front of the t-shirt. The Fall Out Shorts from Odin has been designed with form and function. However, these shorts have a very casual look to them which means that it’s not only for the gym and can be worn anytime casually.


The fit might not be a hassle as they have sizes ranging from extra small to extra-large and the material makes it feel like the clothing is a part of your body. It is stretchy so you can do the sets that might require a lot of flexibility with ease. The leggings come with an extra strong waist grip that doesn’t let it slide down so bending over is not a problem. Both the top and leggings come with soft stretch fabrics ensuring that you don’t run out of room before you finish your workout. The Legacy t-shirt is designed with a tapered fit and comes with cotton stretch fabric, meaning that these will fit you snuggly without hampering your range of motion. The same goes for the shorts as well, these too come with stretch fabric to allow more room for movements. The shorts are designed with edge trims to make movements more accessible and the thick drawstring waist ensures that you don’t have to keep pulling them up during your set of squats or deadlift.

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Comfort is the most important aspect while working out. The material is sweat observant so you will not be worried about underarm sweat patches and moving around becomes much easier as the fabric is breathable. With the apparels, Odin has designed so it is as functional as it can be which provides ease to move around comfortably. The apparels uses a variety of blend of materials to keep the fabric breathable and dry so you have to worry about the sweat making your clothes soggy and with dry moisture management technology, you can rest assured that wet clothes will be of no worry. Overall, Odin Apparels has made it quite evident that their line up of gym and sports wear are indeed functional.


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