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Sweet spots to kiss her: Let your lips do the talking


After you’ve sweet talked your way into her inner dominion of intimacy, put your lips and tongue to better use. Your lips are one of the biggest weapons in your arsenal when it comes to giving her pleasure, so kiss, lick and nibble your way into her pleasure realms. Some areas that are good places to kiss a woman are more obvious than others; here are a few pointers to guide you along the way.

EARS: Even if your partner is more on the ticklish side, at the heat of the moment the ear is an extremely erogenous zone. You can go for a little soft nibbling of the earlobe or lightly brushing your lips across her ear. Refrain from licking inside her ear or using too much saliva. A wet ear is not necessarily a good feeling.

BACK OF THE NECK: The back of the neck is an often neglected area. Take her by surprise and place a gentle warm kiss on the back of her neck. You may feel the shiver running down her spine yourself.

CLOSED EYELIDS: Gently kissing her on her eyelids will definitely set the romantic mood. Start off by kissing her forehead and gently pecking on her closed eyelids. Added bonus if you whisper something sweet into her ears.

COLLARBONE: One of the most erotic zones while clothed has to be the collarbone. An exposed collarbone of a woman is sexy and your mouth on it will make her think sexy thoughts and make her think of your mouth on more private parts.

INSIDE OF HER FOREARM: You may not have thought of this as a particular hot spot, but it is highly underrated. Intertwine your fingers with hers and lightly brush your lips over the skin of her inner forearms.

HIPS: The hips are another area she would want to be kissed. Send waves of pleasure down to her toes and right up her spine. Throw her a mix of kisses, licks and nibbles and she will want you doing the same all over.

BREASTS: If you were able to get your lips this close (hopefully with her consent), you have been doing something right. For most women it is the holy grail of pleasure areas, maybe second to one other particular area. Play your cards carefully here or you will turn her right off. It’s a no holds barred affair, kissing, licking and biting are all acceptable as long as it is done gently. No bruises! The nipples aren’t the only area to give attention to, explore and discover erogenous zones all over her breasts.

BEHIND THE KNEE CAP: Another extremely sensitive area of the female anatomy, gently brushing your lips over this area is extremely sensual. It is sure to send goose bumps all over her body.

It is important to conquer the surrounding valleys before attacking the kingdom. So before you go for the prize, make sure you hit as many other pleasure zones as you can. Be creative and remember not all women react in the same way. But learning what actions bring what rewards is half the fun.

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