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November’s done and gone. That means Movember too is done and gone. You now stand in front of William Brospeare and he asks you one question: To shave or not to shave. Yeah sure, you could just take the blade and run it across your skin and retreat back to your baby face and be everyone’s Bhai. Let us tell you, no matter how expensive your razor or and how smooth it promises to be, this shave will stink. We’re not talking about razor burns, but about the fact that you invested a month into this. Do you really want to mow down the glorious mane you’ve cultivated on your face for a month? We both know that you want too keep it. However, keeping it comes at a price. One, it takes a lot of effort, adding more time to your grooming game; and two, beard products aren’t cheap. Now, being men, we need to be resourceful. Here’s a whole grooming set you can whip up on your own.

SHAMPOO: Like that bush in on top of your head, you need to wash the bush down there. Okay, not that way down, we mean your beard of course. Yes, you can just use regular shampoo but the thing is, the beard is different from your hair; it tends to get dry faster and is prone to getting dirty quicker. Plus, it’s on your face and your face is sensitive. Regular shampoo might be too harsh and it’s not favorable for the soft skin you want. Here’s what you’ll need to get that mane nice and clean: -Coconut oil ½ tablespoon -Baking soda ½ teaspoon -Baby shampoo (for foam) ½ teaspoon

No need to get a mixing bowl, just do it in your palm. Put the coconut oil first, move it around to make it more malleable. Not only does coconut moisturize and cleanse the beard, but it is also acts as a natural anti-bacterial. Next, put the baking soda and mix. Baking soda will give you a deep cleanse and deodorize the beard. Now, you’re good to go from here and you may begin to apply it on your beard. Just wash your beard and slap it on, massage and rinse to finish. However, if you like some lather action going on, you can throw in your regular shampoo. But we recommend baby shampoo for it is milder. Rub the mixer on, lather up, massage, rinse and you’re good to go.

CONDITIONER: Like the beard shampoo, regular conditioner may be a little too harsh for a man. Trust us, no matter how manly you may be, products that aren’t meant for the face can cause some damage. Besides, conditioners are notorious for leaving the hair dry, going opposite to what it’s supposed to do. So, here a simple recipe that you can brew up even in your sleep.

-Rosemary ¾ ounce (21.26 g)

-Water 3 cups

-Spray bottle

Get your water boiling. Throw in your rosemary in and let it bubble around for a couple of minutes. Cut the heat, and let it sit for about 12 hours. Yeah, this is going to test your patience, but really, it’ll be worth the wait. While steeping, the rosemary will release its oil. This oil will promote hair growth, repair the damage your mane has taken and keep it moisturized. It’s an added bonus that rosemary smells really nice and herby. When the waiting is done, take out the rosemary and dispose it off. You may wring out the droplets if you don’t want any to go to waste, which we recommend. Next, pour the solution into a spray bottle and at this point, you may add a drop or two of essence oil. It’s optional, so if you want to get creative with the fragrances, you’re your own master. To apply, just squirt that shizz on your facial hair and you’re good to go. Easy, right? This solution will probably last you a couple of weeks and we recommend this proportion of the ingredients so that it stays fresh. The last thing you want is stale rosemary funk. Just put together a new batch when it has been used up.

BEARD OIL/BALM: By now, it should be clear to you that beard treatment is very like the treatment for your head hair. Yet, very different from one another. Before we get all Charles Dickens, let us explain to you why, and it’s simple: hair is thin, beard is thick. Hair oil is meant for penetrating thin hair and stick onto the scalp. Beard oil is meant for hanging around the beard and give off a nice fragrance. Most hair oils aren’t that great smelling and if you use it on your beard, you’ll be getting that irritating smell all day long. So here’s a mild flavor you might love.

-Almond/Coconut oil 1 ounce/1 tablespoon

-Vanilla essential oil

Take your almond oil and put it in a dish. This is your carrier oil, and it will make the most of the bulk. Basically, the function of the carrier oil is to dilute the essential oil so you get a more mellow fragrance rather than an in-your-facepow-wow-you-can-smell-me-from-the-moon smell. And almond oil prevents inflamations and prevents ingrown hair. Next, put in your essential oil. If you want it faint, 2 to 3 drops will do. If you want it strong, don’t put in more than 5. Mix it up and put it in a bottle with an eye dropper. To apply, drip 2 to 3 drops of it in your hands and spread it all over the beard. If you chose to go with coconut oil, you’ll form a balm rather than an oil. When you buy it, it’s generally in solid for. So melt it down in a pan on low heat. Once it’s liquid, add in your essential oil. We recommend vanilla, but you can get creative. Lavender and mint are pretty nice as well. Like with almond oil, just 2-3 drop for mild, 5 for strong. Store it in a tin or any container. When you get back to it, you’ll find that it has solidified again. Don’t worry, you don’t have to bring out your pan again, just scrap out a small amount of it with your finger, slap it on you hand and rub, it’ll turn into oil again, and apply it to your beard. Coconut oil is great if you live in a dry environment and/or have dry hair.

MUSTACHE WAX: This is the final step before you plunge into the world with your magnificent face hair. You can stop at the balm and you’re pretty good to go like that. But if you want the epic handle bar mustache, you might want to consider this.

-Bee’s wax 2 tablespoon

-Coconut oil 1 tablespoon

-Mint essential oil

Take the wax and liquify it over gentle heat in a pot. When that’s liquid, put in the coconut and let both of them mix with one another. Take it out of heat when both have been reduced to liquid, and pour it in a container. Now would be the time to add in the essential oil. Mint is nice but, again, you’re your own master. Let it sit for about 45 minutes and it should solidify. To apply, take a small portion, rub it in between your fingers and apply to your mustache. Then, take a small comb and part it from the middle to ensure that you have an even coat. Else, some hairs will cling together and some will just stick out or look thin and just all over the place. You want it to be neat. When done parting, take a smaller amount and roll the tips of your mo into a nice curl. You now look like a boss. Congratulations!

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