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the art of ninja love making

You might ask how ninja and love making go together? Well that’s what we’re here to talk about today. The art of ninja love making.


The first thing that comes to the mind when we hear the word “Ninja” is their stealthy nature and movements. Stealth is one of their biggest attributes when it comes to attacking and completing their task. Ninja is quite a common word and is used in various situations, the most common use being when a person wants to sneak out of a place without letting others notice. They quietly sneak out without contacting anyone and the others only come to know of this when they start looking for that person.


Now again, you might get the idea of how ninja and love making go together. There are times when the situation is no where close to perfect to have a spinoff with your partner yet the urge is so strong that you have to find a way around it. In this article we will help you to have your moment of joy in conditions that are not perfect. Those who have been in such a situation know that there is a different thrill to it than the normal sexual act.

The sexual attraction between two partners can be very spontaneous and there is no way to tell when you will get the urge for it. There are moments when there’s guest in your house or even your parents which will make the situation quite difficult as you can’t go full out and will have to settle for a quickie.


The first thing to check is how occupied the guest or the parents are. If they are occupied then you and your partner will have a little more time to get things done. However, if they are not occupied with anything you never know when they will come looking for you, and it will be a very awkward situation if they find you in a very compromised position. So make sure that they are occupied with something to buy yourself some time.

The second thing would be to not go overboard and get lost in the moment and be aware of the surroundings. If you dive deep in the feelings, you might not notice someone approaching you before it’s too late. So be aware of the situation around you.


Keep it mellow. Try not to make a lot of noise and catch their attention. Keep it as quiet as possible. You covering your partners mouth to stop the noise coming out can work and be a Swiss Knife as it can be quite a turn on as well.

Positions matter! Be wise while you choose your positions as some positions are easier to execute compared to other. And the best position in this situation has to be the all time favorite position, the Doggie. Yes, this is the best position to have a quickie because it doesn’t require a lot of space, and you and your partner don’t have to get fully undressed. You and your partner can take the support of a wall or the kitchen counter as these stuff don’t move and create noise. Tables and chairs can risk making noise when you lean against them.

Specially for those couples whose bedroom is right next to your parents room, yes, it is natural and it happens, but it is still awkward knowing that your parents next door might be hearing your activity and can be quite embarrassing. Just like us humans, the joints of the bed get weaker over time and make a squeaking sound even when you just sit on it. Imagine the ruckus when you get down and dirty your own and make the rational call.


Sometimes it is best not to engage in the act right away. Just set the mood first. Have little intimate moments with a bit of foreplay and and some oral action. This will get your partner wanting for more. Then, when the moment is right you can get to it. These are for moments when you are really in the mood, but the situation is really risky so you just have a quick intimate session and leave the rest for later as you and your partner will be dying to get your together time after that.

We know that the the urge can be strong at times and it can be quite difficult to avoid it. So make sure that you keep the facts mentioned above to keep it as secretive and as ninja like as possible. You don’t want your guests, parents, siblings, or friends bumping into you in the moment. Doing that will satisfy your desires at the moment as well as getting an extra thrill of having to look out for other people running into you. That moment of anxiety could be the most rewarding experience for you.

Just be careful.

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