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food-3Aren’t you tired of looking through the menu at some anonymous restaurant and end up ordering Mo:Mo:? If you answered “yes”, we’re on the same page. So is the BLVD, over at the Royal Singi Hotel.

In the present world of the jet setters, it is natural to come across someone who is a foodie and knows their food. Sadly, the equilibrium is unbalanced as good food is not as abundant as they are. So to mitigate this issue, the BLVD has been introduced to us. The restaurant’s menu features international cuisines, yet the selection is kept small. But don’t worry; you are sure to find something that will tantalize your pallet.

The menu has been put together by Executive Chef Narayan Shrestha who has a wealth of experience gathered by working in Internationally renowned brands such as Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts (Emirates Towers & Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE), and Shangri-La (Abu Dhabi, UAE). Evolving from the junior ranks, Chef Shrestha has gathered immense knowledge and experience in establishments such as Vu’s, Al Muntaha, and Pearls & Caviar, who known for their progressive and modern approach to refined cuisine.

Chef Shrestha was employed by Waldorf Astoria (RAK, UAE) as their pre-opening team in a crucial role of their dining venues and was last the Junior Sous Chef of Lexington Grill (Signature Steak House). With several medals at culinary exhibitions over the years, with the most recent being Silver Medal (5 Course Menu) & Gold Medal (Seafood Practical Cookery) at Gulf-food 2016, he is now with BLVD, ready to satisfy your culinary needs.


The meat is slow grilled on the bone and is served with a side of caramelized apples, mustard cream, mashed potatoes, and vegetable medley. As everyone does not like creams and sauses to overpower the main attraction, it is served on the side; showing that they care.


When you think of a burger, it is composed with the usual sesamee topped bun. That’s not the case for BLVD as they replace the bun with naan breads. The tandoori comes from chicken legs so they are succulent. And when paired with their tangy mango chutney, to salivate is a natural process.


The way to elevate the luxurious taste and texture of shrimps is to make them explode. But explosions don’t necessarily mean spicy. BLVD’s idea of explosion is that of flavors, and that is what you get with this as each shrimp is coated in Shiracha aioli.


The dish arrives in a steel tiffin box which is essentially a time capsule, nostalgic of our school days. It houses chyura, aloo achar, bhatmaas, choila, bara, and a fried egg within it. Opening it is not only an experience, but a trip down memory lane.


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