The Changing Role Of Women In Modern Society

The changing role of women in modern society has become evident and fast changing. Here is what some of the guys had to say about the important role of women in everyone’s lives.


“If we divide society and view it as a modern one and an old- fashioned one, we might fool ourselves and make ourselves feel better at the same time. The roles of women have come in varied forms as they’ve occupied more visibility, space and varied roles in the modern society talking in the context of Nepal. The varied roles have certainly brought in pressures too as women juggleba modern society, its expectations and old-fashioned elders and individuals who coexist in this modern spectrum.

Whilst it is important to acknowledge these advances, the
bigger picture is of the old-fashioned society that we largely live in and around. The changing roles of women has enabled and empowered many and I truly believe that we need to combine such positive and progressive energies of all genders together to ensure that this changing role of women is not only limited to the “modern society” but taken to societies across the country in a suitable manner.

Having visited rural eld locations where many skills were being taught to women, I often wondered how meaningful it would have been for them to have a woman in my position. Unfortunately, even our group from the city of ce consisted of just men.

Visibility of a woman in a respectable and in uential position should not only be for the city as the communities outside the city are desperately waiting for more positive examples of what a woman can achieve. We will only experience and see a bigger change in the role of women once we view society as a whole.


“Women are important in our society. We should not forget that a woman’s life is a more complicated than a man’s in many ways. A woman has to take care of her own personal life and if she
is a mother, she has to take care also of her children’s life too. Despite everything, a women will still perform very well in the work and social environment in some cases better than their male counterparts.

As I see it there is no eld left unconquered by Nepali women. The most important name in recent times is our rst female President Bidya Devi Bhandari who is just not a politician but one of the biggest role models we should learn from irrespective of gender.

I am a vocal advocate of nation building and I believe the development of our country depends on the empowerment of women. A man and a woman are like two wheels of a cart. The cart can move fast and safely only when both of them pull it in the same direction and with equal strength. No developing nation or society can afford to ignore the role of women, if they are to progress.

There is a saying that put things into perspective beautifully: “The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description.”

Always, stay powerful and beautiful.”


“Women in society have been greatly underestimated in the past decades,
but things are changing dramatically. And I strongly believe that much of this development and change is attributable to the persistent effort of women put into tackling every obstacle.

Through the years, we have been fortunate enough to get to see women not just as a homemaker but as professionals in various elds of development making outstanding impact.

I personally feel great when I see my sister, my girlfriend, and my female colleague so ambitious and passionately driven towards their dreams. I have found women to be a marvel to work with as they are usually a lot more critical on matters that require a much more powerful approach and often produce results within time allocated. It’s great that this balance is being created, not just because it is the right thing to do but it’s a smart thing to do for the ultimate betterment of society and country.”


“The role of women is always changing it always has been. Although I have always thought of the roles of women in a positive way regardless of whether she is a homemaker or a working woman or both. I appreciate the women in my lives that have always inspired me and I am thankful that I can always look up to them. However, the society has not always been appreciative of them in the past and while the situation is changing we still have a long way to go. While it is a long shot, I hope we live in a better future where gender is just a biological aspect and everyone works together in every eld. The discrimination that women faced in the past and the pain and hardships it caused was the reason that the society is still patriarchal to this day. But now, she has been doing her own thing and I still am grateful that we are slowly evolving to a liberal society. I hope she does what she wants to do and all of us get rid of the patriarchal attitude that takes us nowhere in the future, I just want everyone to open their eyes and minds and learn to appreciate her more for her contributions.”

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