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THE CHIC WAY at Spice Room


The most recent addition to Hotel Yak and Yeti’s dining arena, Spice Room is one of a kind as a Fine Dining Restaurant. Luxury, elegant interiors and sophistication commingled with upscale quality in Indian Cuisine is what makes Spice Room posh and ritzy. The wooden interiors and floors carving have been retained whereas the wall patterns redefines the theme of Spice Room. One of the most coveted and smartest restaurants in the country, Spice Room specialises in various grades of Indian food and culture. The authenticity is highlighted in every platter and presentation of the meals is in entirety of itself.

We had just finished with the sumptuous repast when Executive Chef, Arindam Bahel casually revealed that the gustatory delights served at The Spice Room are to evoke “ghar ka khana”-esque feeling with each morsel. With 18+ years of indigenous as well international experience in culinary operations, what Chef Bahel presented us was an enrapturing taste and a nod to his nostalgia, set in a very modern and fine architecture. The ambience of The Spice Room is immaculate and gives once in a lifetime experience. While the fine dining scene of Kathmandu has very less of Indian Cuisine, Spice Room is here finally to tingle the senses.


Lal Shikampuri



The more I say, the less it is about this Vegetarian Beetroot Tikki. Etymologically, Shikam means the stomach. The galette is filled with gravy stuffing in the middle. The little red round cakes of flavoured beetroot with a luscious hung curd filling is appetising indeed, first to eyes and then to taste buds.

Zaituni Murgh Seekh



Zaitun or Olive, Chicken and Basil, fastened together in a skewer gives the platter a zippy display. One bite and the gastrome in me took a deep sigh of relief. The taste and the appearance were in competition -the proficiency of the chef is commendable here.



Paneer Pepper Parsley



This dish has to be the modest of all the dishes. There is nothing loud about it and the taste is on point. The hotness is just about right with the Tellicherry peppercorn and leaves you asking for more bites.


Aged Basmati Rice

This side dish plays on our olfactory senses more than the gustatory esthesis. The slender grained aromatic rice played a perfect role of a base for the complementary delicacy.

Dal Makhani



This Dal Makhani was not an overnight success. Chef Bahel worked to his bones to create this masterpeice. But that definitely paid off with impeccable taste. Each scoop felt like the first rays of the dawn, cleansing any sins my inner feinschmecker has ever committed. The taste was comprehensive of cream, tomato and spices, black lentil simmered overnight, coming together with a hit of keen flavour.


Butter Chicken



Butter Chicken is not only a dish, it is a ritual; an epicurean follows when it comes to Indian Cuisine. There are two major components of this dish; the shredded tandoori chicken, and the gravy. But the infused herbs and spices bring it to a detail. Each spoonful that goes in has its own imprint on the palate. Bursting tanginess and velvety texture is unparalleled and leaves you thirsting for more, quite literally. Occasionally, you might catch yourself reaching for a drink of water but what is it if not for the spicyness?


Lychee Chilli Mousse

When two opposite tastes are alloyed in a single plate, it either goes hit or miss. Lychee Chilli Mousee was a hit. With a punch of lychee flavour gradually introducing the slight hotness of chilli, this dessert won our hearts. Surely, it was not a beginner’s luck; Chef Bahel clarified that a lot of experimentation was done in order to perfect the dessert. The vanilla milk plays on the balmic aroma of the confection while the cinnamon syrup gives it a definition.

Trio of Kulfi

Trio means a set of three. This final course is set of three flavoured parfait; guava, orange and pista kulfi. This frozen treat comes with a special instruction. First goes the guava, then the orange saving the pista kulfi for the last. The smooth consistency and the peculiar taste of the guava kulfi sums up the entire dining experience as a marvelous one.

Text by Abhigya Subedi

Photos by Saras Sthapit Shrestha

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