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Core Fitness Studio will hand you your butt on a platter, especially to those who think Zumba is an emasculating fitness art for the ladies. Owners and trainers Doma Bajracharya, Shristi Shrestha and Tina Gurung make it look easy, with their yoga, zumba, pilates and other workouts that will have any man struggling to catch a breath.

There is no doubting the effectiveness of the Core Fitness Studio’s services, and these women stand testament to it. Tina and Doma are group fitness instructors who orchestrate the fat torching sessions at Core. Keeping fit makes life all the better for Tina while Doma is helplessly addicted to it. Shristi is a Zumba and Pilates instructor who has a keen interest in Yoga. Tall, sleek and slender, it was surprising to learn that fitness and looks fall on separate boats for Shristi. “For me, being fit does not mean looking lean or slim, but being fit means feeling strong from within.”

These three women and their endeavors to keep fit and help others reach their personal fitness goals caught our eye. So we got in touch with them to find out how they stay in shape and how they feel about fitness.


How did The Core Studio come around and what does it have to offer?

Tina: Doma, Shristi and I had the same passion for fitness and dance. Then things fell into place and Core Studio was born. We offer various group fitness classes from Zumba, Zumba Toning, Total Body Workout, Circuit Training, Pilates, PowerPump, Yoga, Piloxing, B-boying, Kick boxing, etc.

Shristi: It’s like Tina said, we wanted to start something of our own that incorporated fitness, wellness and dance. Once I got together with Doma and Tina, I could see that they had the same drive to promote this culture to the people from all sections. We clicked instantly and came up with the concept  of the studio and the motivation to carry out our dream and turn it into reality.

Doma: We shared a passion, so we wanted to share what we love and bring awareness in fitness and that’s how core studio was born. We offer a variety of group lessons from Aerobics, Zumba, Pilates, Strengthening to dance classes.

We all know how difficult it is to get fit and then maintain what you have worked so hard for. What keeps you motivated?

Tina: Being a fitness instructor has definitely motivated me to stay fit. As fitness and balanced diet has been part of my lifestyle, I would say it’s been fairly easy to keep my weight in check and stay toned.

Shristi: It is never a difficult thing for me. I dance to stay fit and dancing has always been my burning force within. I do what I love, I am fortunate enough that the thing i love most also keeps me fit. It is motivation enough.

Doma: My passion towards fitness and dance keeps me motivated which has definitely played a key role.

 Give us a tour of your fitness regimen?

Tina: I have scheduled classes each week, which I follow vigorously. It comprises of Zumba and circuit training for Cardio and Pilates & Piloxing for core strengthening and toning.

Shristi: I am a Vegetarian. That means no animal products on my plate. I do an hour of Yoga every day after getting 8 hours of sleep. My breakfast is comprised of nuts, multigrain bread, olives and peanut butter with black or green tea.I make sure I eat at regular intervals and not being a binge eater by nature helps. I don’t eat a lot of junk food and take in as much fluids (water) as I can. I take 5 classes a week which makes me clear headed and keeps me sane in this stressful environment we call society. Dieting is not for me, I never skip a meal either. And since I love fruits, I make sure that I have my share of seasonal fruits every day. Anyone can follow this and stay fit while eating healthy.

Doma: The group lessons that I conduct make up most of my fitness regime as it takes a lot of energy. Apart from that, I do a bit of swimming. I love swimming.

Which is your favourite workout?

Tina: Pilates and Piloxing (at the moment)

Shristi: I love Zumba, which is why I teach it. I absolutely enjoy Pilates. It gives strength to my core and forms a flexible and balanced body structure. Belly dancing and Yoga also come amongst my favorites.

Doma: Anything challenging would be my favourite workout. I love Ashtanga yoga at the moment.


Are you strict about your diet and nutrition?

Tina: A balanced diet is a must, and being a foodie I need to maintain a good balance of what I eat. I don’t restrict my diet, however, I do try to balance my food intake as in “my plate” plan, which is more effective than food pyramids.

Shristi: Contrary to popular belief, one can lead a healthy and balanced life as a vegetarian. My diet strictly comprises of lots of greens, nuts, fruits, fluids, mushrooms, tofu, beans and lot of healthy meals that covers all necessary aspects of a healthy diet.

Doma: I am a big time foodie but junk food is one thing I never liked and I try my best to eat healthy.

One food that you just can’t resist.

Tina: Managey momo and timur tomato achar yummmm

Shristi: Simple Daal and Rice with fried potatoes, Spinach and spicy tomato pickle.

Doma: There is a Newari delicacy called boolla, the dish made from a concoction of rice beer and buffalo organs. and of course Natte’ which my Manang friends make, it’s made out of dried powdered spinach with dried yak’s meat. I love trout too, I can’t resist that.

One advice that has worked wonders for you in terms of getting and staying fit.

Tina: To make fitness and a balanced diet part of your lifestyle.

Shristi: “You are stronger than you think!”

Do you have a cheat day? How do you celebrate it?

Doma: I have cheat days on most of our cultural festivals and when us friends get together for barbecues….I treat myself to spare ribs.


How is the female fitness scene in Nepal changing?

Tina: The female fitness scene scene has witnessed a considerable increment in female fitness participation since Zumba was introduced in Nepal. It’s great to see women of all ages, enjoying and having fun while working out. We hope to see women participating in strength and conditioning workouts in the future, which will help them in flexibility and strength building.

Shristi: More and more women are coming out of their submissive order. They wish to get leaner and fitter and stronger. However, I do wish that more women would be serious about what they eat and what kind of lifestyle they lead. I am waiting for more women to come to me and say they want to be fitter because they want to be healthy and gain confidence in themselves rather than coming for a short time because someone’s wedding is coming up.

Doma: Zumba has brought huge changes in female fitness scene in Nepal. Nepali women whether young or old seem to love Zumba. Zumba’s slogan “Fitness in disguise” has worked wonders for the female fitness scene in Nepal.

Do you prefer guys that are ripped but not too big or bulky and muscular?

Doma: Men who are lean look appealing.

Your favourite tune to work out to at the moment.

Tina: Wicked – Veronica Vega featuring Pitbull

Shristi: Come On to Me by Mazor Lazer

Doma: Timber by Keisha

Photos: Bibhas Maharjan Suwal

Wardrobe Courtesy:

Anta & Planet Sports

Location Courtesy:

The Core Studio, International Club Premises

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