Urban Food Industries has always been all about providing slaughtering services, meat packaging and producing several types of food products based on meats and cereals. With their endeavor to provide the best quality products with the best hygiene, they invited a professional meat connoisseur, Maximillian Fabrizio Stoll, to make sure their products met international standards.

TNM and 20 year old Max talk it out:

TNM: Tell us bit about you?

Max: I am an educated butcher from Germany, basically. I did my education in a very small but famous butchery in the village where I live in.

TNM: How did you get into butchering/food?

Max: I did a lot of practical training in different factories because I had to decide on doing something after school. I tried my hand out in various occupations like teaching in Kindergarten, carpentry, auto repair, and I even worked in a metal factory. But I had the best time with butchery so I decided to learn more on it.

TNM: How did you get in at Urban Foods?

Max: There were a few guys who are working with the Happy Children Organization coming from Germany. My mum’s friend knew them for a long time so she talked to them and we just switched e-mails and started to talk about the Urban Factory and their work and I was positively surprised after they sent me the Information about the meat Industry.

TNM: How do you find the food industry in general here in Nepal? Can you suggest any changes or improvements?

Max: If the Urban Food Industry wants to expand, it is necessary to bring some improvements to guarantee the production of quality and healthy products. In Germany, there are a lot of guide lines and rules you have to follow and that is what may be lacking in Nepal. But the meat factory in Nepal also looked pretty up to par and of course it is a facility above the average. I had to handle the meat differently because everything was always frozen so there was a lot of water inside the meat and we had to wait until it was melted.

I told Urban Foods that the meat is much easier to handle if there is a fridge-room where you can hang the meat or the meat products. That could be next investment for their meat factory.

TNM: Which food particularly struck your palate in Nepal?

Max: I can’t remember all the names of the Nepali foods I had, but I liked the Nepali traditionally brewed beer. The taste and the texture was like something we don’t have in Germany. For me it was something special.

TNM: What has been your focus while working with Urban Foods; quality, taste, or a mixture of multiple essential aspects?

Max: My main focus was making sausages following original German recipes. Actually I only made 3 or 4 different varieties but very typical types of sausages of the Black Forest region. However, in total, Germany has more than 1000 different sausage styles and if Urban Foods are still interested in producing them, I will be there to support them.

TNM: Tell us about the ranges you have prepared here for urban and what people can expect?

Max: The people can expect 100 % quality products and a German flair. It starts right from the correct deboning of the meat. Because I spent 3 years in one of the best butchery training facilities in my region, I can use the expert knowledge in every foreign country in the world if the requirements are fulfilled.

TNM: You come from one of the most developed nations in the world. How was your experience working with a local company here?

Max: The experience was amazing and in fact important for me. I am young and I am thankful to have had such an opportunity to see how the butchery business is working in foreign countries and to work with a local food company was a great experience as well.

TNM: Lastly, from your experience of work and travel here in Nepal, how was the overall experience?

Max: I really fell in love with Nepal. It is such a nice country and it would be even better if I could come again to create new and much better sausage and meat products.

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