THE GIRL NEXT DOOR: Subeksha Khadka


They say you should “love thy neighbor”, and trust us we’ve always tried. We’ve always wanted to fall hopelessly in love with the hot girl next door. But the thing is most of us were never lucky enough to hve one. And those who did, usually had a discerning father who also, coincidentally, owned a Tibetan Mastiff.

But sometimes dreams do come true… sort of. At least now you can imagine what sort of a girl you’d want prancing about in the house next door. Someone like Subeksha Khadka would be splendid.

If you could have a super power what would it be?

This is an insane power that I am asking for but I would be very happy if I could have the power which allowed me to heal people’s sorrow and misery with a magic stick or something. Spreading Love and Harmony to sum it up.


Did any of your neighbors ever stalk you or hit on you?

Strangely, yes. This happened a year back .There was this guy who used to drop letters at my place, saying he used to see me every day, liked what I wore and stuff like that. It was December then, and he had left a gift for me. It was a tiny Christmas tree, which was a pretty cute gesture. And then again after a few months I received another gift and a letter which I didn’t open. From then I have never heard from that person.

If we gave you Rs. 1crore and you had to spend it in a day, how would you do it?

That’s a lot of money. Well, I’d love to splurge on some things for myself and my family. Maybe a trip abroad? Also, I absolutely love children and I have been working with some orphaned kids who are like family to me now. They live in Bhaisipati and are looked after by a lady. I would be happy to provide them with anything useful from that money.

What is your dream job?

I have always dreamt of becoming a banker. That might sound boring, but yes, that’s always been my dream job and I look up to Miss Raveena Desraj Shrestha who is one of the leading female bankers in our country. I admire the way she is and her work.

What is your favorite food?

I loooveee Italian food and having a lot of Newari friends I get to treat myself with amazing Newari cuisines once in a while, and I enjoy that too.


Your opinion on commitment?

Whatever we choose to do in our life, we should do with full dedication and commitment. Be it work, be it friendship or a relationship. If there is no commitment it is pointless.

What is the strangest compliment you ever received?

You would make a great wife.

Funny, mysterious, strong and silent, good looking, intelligent. Rank in order.

Good Looking, Intelligent, Funny, mysterious, Strong, Silent

What are your turn offs?

Drinking so excessively that you lose control over yourself and start acting weird.


Wardrobe Courtesy: Wardrobe, Durbar Marg , Chocolate, Mercantile Tower, Zara, Store One

Location Courtesy: Index Furniture

Photos: Shashank Pradhan

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