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Taking a cue from Mother Nature: Grey’s – Browns – Off-white’s it is!
 Pairing great style with smart function while creating a subtle environment, along with providing design and space flexibility using today’s most popular neutrals should be the basic focus while creating these luxurious looking Kitchen spaces.

Bringing a sense of quality and style into one’s life style has become “un- ignorable” in the past few years. So 
has renovating and upgrading trends risen dramatically. This greatly involves the upgrade of home kitchen designs. This is why we hope, this gives you the inspiration you need to bring back the classic allure and get the luxury kitchen plans that you’ve always wanted.

As you can see, some of these sophisticated – modern kitchen designs are closer to perfect than ever. These would give you an idea on how to maximize your storage capacity for a 100% functional space and to evoke a timeless look.


Cabinet Preferences: A large design element in homes is the style of the cabinetry. Sleeker and stylized cabinets can make a huge impact in creating a home that has a high end look. One
 of the key ways to customize a home and add upgraded style is by adding a custom built-in. Whether it’s a dramatic media unit, built-in night stands, or a custom wall design that creates that first great impression when you walk in a home, these upgrades are worth putting money for. They add both value to your home and added functionality, which is priceless. Cabinet finishes when used in fresh earthy hues can add a subtle radiance. Referring to some decor-inspired details such as frosted glass cabinets, door inserts, chrome fixtures and some silver toned hardware which would add refined glamour to the kitchen.

Island : Keep in mind that adding an island can fundamentally change
 the look and feel of your kitchen design completely. Kitchen-islands vary greatly based on the size, shape and budget of your kitchen project. Hence, take your time and get a lot of kitchen island ideas before you “fire away”


on making decisions.
 Start by determining the square footage of your kitchen space by taking careful measurements
to conclude if you have enough square footage available. Ideally, there should be at least 3 and
 up to 6 feet between your island and the surrounding cabinetry. Coordinate the color and material of the island top and the island cabinets according to 
the kitchen cabinets and counter tops accordingly. Chairs & Stools: Though shape, design and elements may vary according to different places, a kitchen island with seating has to be
a perfect combination
of functionality and versatility. Having a bar stool on an island in the kitchen is pretty much
 a must. They maintain
 a timeless design, also that it is a very functional thing to have, plus it gives you the opportunity to incorporate bar stools in your design and they’re one of those elements that elevate the style in 
a room becoming a focal point in the overall décor. Organic woods and live- edge furnishings have been trending as well
as metallics in lighting fixtures, frames, and accessories.


Modern Appliances: Adding appliances to your kitchen plays half the role while considering the entire theme –
 space management
and functionality of the kitchen. Be wise to make the decision to plan what appliances you want
 to be installed in the kitchen before you install the cabinets.There are many modern appliances out in the market these days that will make your kitchen impress in terms of functionality and convenience, as well as aesthetics. For instance, refrigerators with the freezer on bottom, wall mound ovens, appliances such as dishwashers
and microwaves and wine refrigerators are all making strong inroads into modern kitchen design. Smart appliances are also getting widely popular. All these add to the extra bit of having a futuristic upgrade to your kitchen. While selecting the appliances, do keep in mind to coordinate the color scheme with your kitchen.



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