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Throughout history, the gold in interior design has always been an indicator of wealth and luxury. They’ve decorated royal palaces, mansions, estates, and houses of the rich. But lately, in the era of sophisticated contrasts, gold details help as accents in contemporary and minimalist interiors.

Just a touch of this glimmering metal can make a space infinitely and instantly more glamorous. It reflects light, which many times open up a space and almost always give a dull space a more interesting and unexpected touch to your luxury interiors. Golden gleam is a top trend for modern interiors, however is a perfect fit for art-déco, neo-classical, and baroque designs.



Let’s have a look at a few ways of proper use of gold in different interior styles.

Classics and art-déco are the styles which imply the use of gold for creating the spirit of wealth, luxury, and elegance. But the golden rule stays the same – moderation.

As for proper color combinations, remember that gold is a warm color, which likes to be coupled with warm shades and hues: chocolate, green, blue, pink, and peach.

Shabby gold, brass, and all hues of copper are splendid accents for modern loft-style homes. Industrial motives ­in interior design entail the use of versatile metals, and gold is not the least among them: shabby lamps, peculiar golden furniture fixtures, massive gilded mirror frames, golden or cast-iron pipes, and even some pieces of furniture.


A stunning metallic headboard would be the focal point in a regal bedroom, but warm gold accents on the mirror and pillows add a lux touch.

Aged or patina-covered golden items are traditional for French Provence interiors. Golden curtains, furniture fixtures and gilded picture and mirror frames – in a word anything which looks like vintage – might be appropriate. One more place of application for golden elements are eclectic interiors. To avoid a royal-palace look and reach the sense of antiquity, use darker duller and dimmer tints of gold. It can be a folding screen, an oriental lamp, or a sophisticated wallpaper pattern or home textile



Eccentric Combinations:

Iron works well as a base metal that won’t clash with gold or silver. Also, warm metals, like gold and brass, come off as a rich pop of color and texture when placed with cool metals like silver and chrome.

Chrome and brass come together in tasteful living rooms for a well-blended look that ties the space together.

The trick with using metallic pieces and mirrors in a single space is to mix them with different softer textures to balance them out.


Match mirrors, gold, and silver pieces – A neutral color palette allows the metallic accents to shine in gorgeous modern-inspired entrances.

Warm metals (like gold, brass, and copper) pair well with warm hues (like reds, browns, and yellows) while cool metals (such as chrome and silver) pair well with cool hues (such as blue, green, and violet).

Overall, the golden touch to an interior space is to be able to add a twist of positivity to any space along with upgrading its aesthetic value.


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