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Tips To Become The God of Dishwashing


Household chores are to men what water is to household cats; unless someone drags us by the nape of our necks, we will avoid it at all costs. Being raised in a society where men washing dishes is frowned upon doesn’t help the case. However, with the times changing fast and feminists becoming discontent, being adept in the art of dishwashing is the need of the hour.

Jokes apart, any man or woman worth their salt should be able to fulfill the requirements to become self sufficient. That includes cleaning after yourself and taking care of that sink full of dirty dishes. Now if you’re not sure of how to go about it right away, keep reading.

Sadly, Nepal has yet to catch on with the use of automated dishwashers (no, not your wife/mom or helper) at home. Chances are, with the oily grime that we eat, the dishwashers wouldn’t stand a chance against our pots and pans. This means that you should be prepared to get your hands dirty. 

So, behold! The secrets to becoming the god of dishwashing:

1) Wipe food off the plate ASAP

By ridding plates and utensils of food particles, you’re making your work much easier. Food tends to be difficult to remove once it dries up on plates and pans, which is what 90% of the dishwashing soap commercials’ selling point revolves around. You don’t have to wash the dishes in their entirety right away, but you should at least wipe off food scraps.

2) Use hot Water

Hot water makes the food break away from surfaces easier, it helps break down grease, and it aides your glasses and cutlery to dry without spots or streaks. Th hotter the water, the better; so use the hottest water you can bare.

3) Invest in good dish racks

Doing the dishes is already a pain; it’s best if you make the tidying up easier. Invest in a dish rack that can hold all your washed dishes without them falling off. Save yourself from the frustration.

4) Lose Water Spots

You’ve cleaned your dishes, but now they’re covered in waterspots. A splash of vinegar in your rinse water can remedy that problem.

5) Let it soak

If you have a really dirty pot, pan or dish, you can use a few drops of dish liquid and water or sprinkle in some dishwasher detergent with water and let those tough, baked-on food bits loosen overnight.  In the morning, you should be able to easily wipe everything away.  You can also sprinkle in some baking soda when cleaning the next morning for a little extra mild abrasion!

6) Wash in the Right Order

You want to wash your dishes from least greasy to most greasy, which usually looks like this:

– first wash your glassware and any drinking vessels,

– then wash your cutlery,

– then wash your plates and bowls and such,

– then wash greasy stuff like serving dishes and any really greasy items, and finally

– wash your pots and pans.

You may have to drain and re-fill the water as needed, especially if you notice it getting really greasy and grimy.

7) Burned Pots and Pans

While you were cheering your team in front of the telly, you forgot to check on the Wai-Wai you had on the stove. Now it’s burnt to a crisp and your team has lost. Don’t throw them out the window in frustration. Allow burned pots and pans to soak overnight with either baking soda or salt and water. In the morning, attack the pot with a sponge or bring the water in it to a slow boil. The burned marks should easily fade away.


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