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Sex toys. Anal sex. Oral sex. It could be your been-theredone- that (all the time) or don’t-ever-wanna-go there. While sex toys and anal sex can be a regular part of one couple’s repertoire, for another couple it could be a territory never explored. This article is going to touch upon a few of the not so regular in lovemaking. There are so many sexual taboos that are influenced by the customs and practices we have. No matter how you feel about our own or other people’s sexuality, what turns you on sexually and what you find enjoyable is an expression of your sexuality, and you are entitled to it. Should you choose to explore those horizons may pleasure be with you!


Some of us are not always comfortable with the idea of brining a sex toy into the bedroom. It can make you or your partner feel insecure about your love making abilities. But, on the flip side (which is much sunnier) to that is that the sex toy puts in the effort and you get the credit! Let’s say you decide to bring a vibrator along for your lovemaking, you place the vibrator on her clitoris and she orgasms more and more powerfully. That is going to translate into you being a magician in bed- yes the vibrator and the vibrator is your wand. The bottom line is that you get the credit. A great partner is someone who will facilitate pleasure for his or her partner not the one who inhibits it.


One of the sexual activities that a lot of people deny (though admitting to it is catching on in popularity) is masturbation. There are all kinds of myths associated with masturbation like if you masturbate too much it will affect your fertility or that you will go blind (blinding pleasure maybe… in that case bring it on  ! ). Masturbation is actually healthy (until it becomes an obsession and is the only way you can climax sexually- then you need medical help). It helps you to discover your body, how you like to be touched. Some people enjoy masturbating in places that are public, some people enjoy writing about their masturbating experiences… well, to each their own but, it is good to know where to draw the line. So yes, it is your human right to be able to experience sexual pleasure, but it is also the next person’s human right to not be put at risk or sexually abused and to not have to watch you experiencing your ecstasy. As long as you are not masturbating in public or coercing someone to watch you masturbate you are good to go!


I have found in my guff-gaff with some Nepalese men that they think only prostitutes give blowjobs or engage in one-sided oral sex. That is just so teriibly sad! Forget about these men even thinking of bring some oral into their bedroom games. If you are amongst those that put their mouth to good use in the bedroom, I salute you and give you a highflying highfive!

I am not saying that oral sex is going to be as smooth as silk- what I am saying is that it is definitely a horizon you and your partner can explore. Oral sex for a woman is going to need a different approach than oral sex for a man. Since she is going to be more sensitive down there, you should use gentler pressure than what you would like on yourself. Play around kissing and licking the insides of her thighs and the pelvic area so you are creating anticipation.

When she is on the verge of an orgasm- don’t stop- in fact keep going even after she has cum until she asks you to stop. Women can be as skittish about performing oral on their partners as well. If you want her to go down on you that is a conversation you should definitely have in a nonsexual setting. What I mean is discuss and talk about it when you are both not in the heat of the moment. You tend to give off a desperate forceful vibe when you’re pleading to her while sporting an erection.


Anal sex can be oh so erotic but it can be pretty effin’ scary for the receiver too. Definitely one of those horizons that should not be explored without talking about it first and making sure both people are on the same page. Don’t be a communication wimp and make an unannounced back door entry. That is NOT cool! She will probably never have sex with you again or if she does definitely no back door for you!! When you are indeed ready to go anal make sure you have all the right equipment. A must- condoms and lube, helpful- butt plugs of various sizes or your fingers will work too. The key is to be gentle, slow and steady. Great things are always worth the wait. Always always wear a condom and if you want to go from rear to front entry don’t ever use the same condom. Change your condom every time! It won’t hurt for you to share why having anal sex with your partner is so important to you. She may understand but she does not have to comply. If you tell her that anal sex is crucial to your relationship-you might be labeled a shitty partner. When it comes to initiating sex and experimenting women can be shyer about it (if she is equally or more adventurous than you I suggest you hold on tight… especially when you’reunder the sheets). The key to get a woman to try new things in bed with you is to make her feel great about her body and the sex you have. Talking about the sex you have, the sex you would like to have, both of your likes and dislikes really helps. Watching porn and reading erotica can help to make a great segue into having serious conversations about experimenting. You can show her what you would like to do to her and what you would like her to do to you. Seeing how things are done also helps to boost sexual self-esteem because you know how to do it. They are also excellent stimulants for desire. Many people don’t want to explore because they may be afraid that if they do they would be expected to keep doing more and more to keep your interest. You have to be open to listening and accepting what she is willing and unwilling to do. Make her feel comfortable and let her know that you respect her. Here’s to finding and exploring your horizons…. Cheers to playing & playing safe! Enjoy!

No matter how you feel about our own or other people’s sexuality, what turns you on sexually and what you findenjoyable is an expression of your sexuality, and you are entitled to it.

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